Offsuited Aces played correctly

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KTU shows you how to play these difficult hands correctly. He discusses when to play them at all preflop and how to proceed postflop. He shows when it is time to play a continuation bet and when you can even call bets without a hit on the flop. Good luck!


aces Ax how to play offsuit poker hands

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  • Thunderlight


    I´m sure the expert knows what he is talking about. The problem is that I don´t understand all of what he is saying. He has not so good pronounciation, he speaks quite fast and uses terms that you have to be very familiar with because you don´t have time to think as there are no pauses. So I will buy a book instead.
  • fabio90


    nice one )
  • Duchesst


    A big thank you for this new video they are gold for the beginner, especially the post flop plan
  • KTU


    Thanks for your feedback. Ill make sure Ill talk slower going forward and maybe also re-record this video. Your feedback is much appreciated
  • memeka


    Hey. Sorry, translation in Google. You said that in the 70% we do not fall into the flop. At the same time, do not say that we do in this case. And so almost all of the lessons.
  • JustinDejong


    U say do not 4 bet them. But isn t Ax a good hand to 4bet bluff because of the A blocker?
  • CommiePoker


    Very interesting. Thanks!
  • trmtwisted


  • Nomeid


    very nice Thanks!
  • mathkid7


    KTU your English barrier is not at all bad sir. I understood everything w/o any trouble at all.

    Thanks for this video !
  • holysir


    At the end of the video when you hit your top pair, why wouldn't you bet on the river... you said because he is most likely not going to call, then so be it... the only thing that is going to change is your hand not being shown, versus checking and showing your hand... if he calls, then you most likely make money on a flop like that (Hand at 16:00)
  • kiki1193


    interesting. very good video
  • feedmypokerbrain