Microstakes Spin & Goes Live Review

  • Spin & Go/Twister
  • Spin & Go/Twister
  • $1
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Collin reviews a live session recorded by one of his friends at $1 Spin & Goes.


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  • GreenSkunk9


  • martinstids


    1$ spins? Why just not to prove this strategy in normal stakes, like 15$+? In 1$ spins even super nit style works.
  • gogelo1975


  • balazs456


    How many BI I need on 1 $ spin?
  • CollinMoshman


    #2 Martinstids: I make some of my videos and coachings at micro- stakes games since many players grind up their bankroll from these levels.

    #5: Good question. It depends on different factors like your ROI playing these games, but approximately $100. It is definitely still possible to go broke during a very bad run, but you'll be OK during most downswings with 100 BI at softer spins.

    Thanks GreenSkink, Kannojazz, and Gogelo -- glad you guys enjoyed the video.
  • pavel6871


  • ursubear


    Nice session.
  • nathanrenard


    #8 and #5

    Buy-ins will always depend on your ROI and your comfort zone, if you feel like you're playing scared money or smth.

    As a standard I'd say 100 is perfectly fine at $1.
  • jojoo8383


  • jojoo8383


  • PokerFace1234


    omg. terrible session i've seen ever. its a big gulf between mtt or sng tourneys and spin'ngo
    "Why just not to prove this strategy in normal stakes, like 15$+?" (c)
  • martini494


    Collins, what do u think about shoving on the river after our opponents limp/miniraise?
  • martini494


    Collin *
  • jujo07


    Collins whice is yoir HUD??
    And Do yo use tables PF??
    Nice video...
  • PrimoJROM


    Good video Collin ty
  • iuryribeiro


    Cool, i agre with him, 100 is ok =D