How Much Are You Like oblioo? NL1000 Quiz!

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Challenge yourself and test your knowledge. Follow our coach's review and decide what you would do in certain spots! How much are you like our NL expert?


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Comments (16)

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  • asimos


    nice video sir :)
  • hroller92


    nice one
  • thelasday


  • wilmots83


    The most interesting hands for me are T7s any A5, both of them are margin situation as you sad, but you telling good idias what should we do if we dont fold these hands. (btw T7 is in my preflop folding range but i think i can play that with T8s on a J72 6 if I haven't got a bfd on the flop), and I wasn't self confident with A5 in a similar turn situation to folding or calling again, but now I'm a bit more! Thanks for this video.
  • Zolotarsp


    Awesome, awesome, awesome!

    Although you did spoil some answers showing question for next street ;)
  • Zolotarsp


    You mentioned you've been recently playing PLO more. Are you planning on making any PLO content? Cuz that would be great :)
  • oblioo


    @Zolotarsp, yes I figured that could happen when making the video, but let it slide :)

    and, I offered to make some PLO content but the pokerstrategy folks told me they weren't really interested. so I'll most likely stick to NL videos.

    and thanks everyone else for the nice comments.
  • briccius


    Nice video. How do you make sure you are bluffing with the right frequency in river spots like the one with 64s? Do you use some sort of randomization?
  • ristegjoshev


    nice one
  • zenka1993


  • denmasyuda


  • ristegjoshev


    bad A5 for me
  • oblioo



    Thanks for the question. This is the kind of thing I practice away from the table, so I can have a sense of decent frequencies in-game.

    In-game, here is how I would analyze it: In a spot like this, the bet is so small that we should be calling with a lot of hands, and probably not turning many or any bluffcatchers into a bluffraise. We have a lot of trips+ combos we want to raise here for value, and since we called the turn and the turn was so dry, it's actually going to be quite difficult to find enough natural bluffs here, considering I'm not opening hands like 64o pre. So when I get here with a hand like this I'm fine shoving all 64s combos which alone is not enough if we're shoving let's say QT+ for value. It's a bit of a weird spot because I can't imagine any hands I'd fold, but that's okay and has to do partly with villain's weird and suboptimal line.
  • lila28


    First of all, this is amazing video from you.
    Maybe you can help me understand theses spots more.

    4:30 when we have decision to check to opponent or bet small.
    I understand we have showdown value - but what you think about having balanced small sizing betting range with includes hands like 88, what can get value from A high/draws/weak pairs he check back flop and now would potentially call small bet.
    If we want balance our range vs non recreational player we can bet small with some 5x/some draws.

    7:20 interesting point that we have 66 but opponent can't have it.
    I am interested what other value hands you raise here to balance out bluffs here?
    Would you raise hands like Kx what you checked flop?
    If you raise T7s i guess you have raise T9s/non showdown flush draws, as they all have more outs then T7/or have better overcards for 2nd pair.
    not sure if you defend preflop 79 what would be another better draw for bluff?

    28:00 if it vs recreational player who will not bluff river with his missed draws. Would it be enoght reason to bet small flop?
  • devillfish


    Very cool video! Keep it up :)
  • MatthiasPohl


    Very nice video