DeanD Reviews His NL1000 Session

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $1000
  • Shorthanded
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Our coach reviews one of his sessions he played on NL1k. Enjoy!


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Comments (14)

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  • karelcia


    Super hra!!!!
  • GingerKid


    13:00 why not overbet J2s on river? Your hand blocks JT, JQ, it is one of the best bluff hands, having very little showdown and great blocker effect. I guess that in the spots where villain has many showdown hands you exploitatively don't bluff?
  • GingerKid


    I am not sure actually if he is fish, because your stats are not explained, but I guess he has VPIP 35, not sure what sample.
  • GingerKid


    19:00 A5o, I think that overbet is higher EV, villain is very cappt as you said, you mostly either split or get called by Qx. So if you overbet either he sees it bluffy and calls most bluff catchers or he sees it value heavy so he folds all hands which is I think both fine? Worst scenario would be that he calls Ax and folds all Qx. I like to bluff overbet in this spot a lot, since he is so capped you can overbet Ax+ and bluff many combos as well.
  • youngdad


    Why is this video so short ? Most of the hands were standard preflop folds.
  • bakkenb


    Wish i was a pro.
  • DeanD


    #2,3,4 Thanks for your comments, GinderKid. Happy to see your suggestions.
    J2s and 35 vpip - this guy is kinda reg fish, he 3b 3.6% and folds very rarely to 3b and cbet. Kind of a calling station. Maybe he folds 60-70% of his range vs an overbet, but then we need him to fold most of his 9x and 8x hands and if he folds them then it becomes good and you are probably right. I try not to bluff stations too often, but maybe this spot is good.

    A5o I would go for an overbet with stronger hands and bluffs and would bet normal size vs Qx. If we do it with most hands in our range we become easy to exploit and people might start adjusting. But not a bad idea at all, but as default I don't like it. Some of the times is ok.

    #5 - you need to have a diamond status in order to watch the whole video.

    #6 good luck becoming one!

  • molderz


    I am looking this type of pro videos, with extra programs and stats, and all i see is a Bingo cards with random number for each player :D
  • GingerKid


    Thanks for the answers.
    "If we do it with most hands in our range we become easy to exploit and people might start adjusting." How would be become easily exploitable? This is super specific board because we split vs all Ax hands. It is not like I would "merge" overbet any Ax on most boards so that opponent could adapt by checking more value hands. I like "merging" sometimes weak top pairs as overbet because I overbet bluff often so regs start calling midpairs, weak pairs in cappt spots, also if they see me overbetting weak top pair (which I do rarely) it might confuse them so that they adapt in a wrong way. Since you say opponent can easily adapt, does it mean that vs solid regs you generally try to play unexploitable? Because every time you exploit somebody you are opening yourself for "easy" exploitation
  • GingerKid


    "J2s and 35 vpip - this guy is kinda reg fish, he 3b 3.6% and folds very rarely to 3b and cbet. Kind of a calling station.". Ok I thought that he is a solid reg, was not observing his stats. Vs fish I guess we don't have enough FE on river, I would not overbet especially if fish reg has many Tx hands. I think that turn should be check behind because turn card improves his range so I think that EV of checking should be higher.
  • GingerKid


    27:00 QQ hand, I think that it is important to raise (at least min raise) flop because your hand needs protection and with your vulnerable hands it is also very good to make fold the draws from reg who has position on you. I would rather just call AA+ hands and fast play TT-QQ. Turn I find fold ok because it improve possibly his flop bluff range and your hand blocks QJ (very likely in his range) and doesn't block any value hand, which is imo main reason to fold.
  • MrNoComments


  • DeanD


    Thanks againg for your comments and suggestions. QQ raise on the flop - yeah possible. I'd like it a bit more vs 100bb guy, as in this situation we can always stack him on the turn easily if he keeps barreling. If he has air in his line than calling becomes better. But raise not bad either. It is ok.

    #12 cool, cool!
  • Csengele


    8Qs double gutshot are you sure it is not a call, you can play best position for value at river, other guy seems fish/calling station, so maybe Qx also good and you will be not bloffed out etc...