How To Beat The Clock

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Our coach and his guest will take you through the new PokerStars' format called "Beat The Clock" and give you some general advice.


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  • elnegrotorre


  • felfresq


  • KingKlaas


    10% rake, pokerstars likes it..
  • lolosajan


    nice man!
  • ConteCaly


    i don't like so much this format... i think that cash is much better, and a player with more edge could win more
  • MagXedin


    CollinMoshman, why do you think minrasing is good in these? You think EV for minrasing is better then for shoving that much, that it compensates 3 more hands we could have played instead of postflop after minrasing? I kinda think even 20bb deep is gonna be better to shove, and play more hands after, instead of postflopping half the time of the tournament, what do you think?
    Tnahk you!
  • crazyk28


    nice video thx
  • CollinMoshman


    Thanks guys, appreciate the nice comments.

    MagXedin: I think min-raising is good because when you are playing a format without ICM, you're usually correct to be minraising more than shoving at stacks well above 10bb. You can use the software Holdem Resources to show this ... it's a very good idea actually, I should do this in an upcoming Wednesday coaching :)
  • la55i


    Interesting video. Maybe I'll try out this format myself too, even though I am mainly a cash player :)
  • MagXedin


    CollinMoshman, Im not arguing that the EV of minrasing is going to be better that shoving. Im saying that the EV of minrasing is going to be lower than showing + playing 3 more hands, while you still play postflop of your minrased hand.
    The duration of a tournament is 5 minutes but the amount of hands you can play is not limited. if you play minrase a lot you have a lot of postflop, so you will have less hands per one tournament average.
    Also, when analysing minrasing spots in HRC its important to include BB flat calling defence. Because no one folds BB to a minrase nowdays. That will lower EV of minrasing very significantly.
  • Pictor89


    Sorry, what is the name of the support program in the video (stack in blind)? Thank you for the help!
  • AD2000


    Hello guys, Hello Collin, great production, i want more :), i like this kind of games, so i had some questions. What is the best Hud for this games and what stats are important? sorry for my english :)
  • imgoingtomirage


    #22, that's StarsHelper.
  • CollinMoshman


    #21: I'm focusing on maximizing cEV/hand, but you are right -- it is possible to fit in more hands by playing just shove/fold so that is definitely a fair point -- thanks.

    #23: Appreciate that! I would recommend adding to normal stats raise first by position for CO/Btn/SB as well as BB fold to steal.
  • Frozen78


    I hate this format...
  • fuuduu


    You have to have good luck in this format. Wait for a good hand and all in
  • nedsan1994


    thanks...very nice video!
  • ChampioNLinikeR


    Ty no dreams a poker money
  • arttuzulu


    i think its one of the easiest thing at poker. What others thinking about that
  • msnek


    Funny to see here this video jsut after Colin did interview with Dough Polk.during ehich they agreed this format is a rake trap. Wtf?!