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Collin invites you to participate in his postflop quiz. What do you think is the best postflop line in these spots? Write your answer and see how close it was to what our coach suggests!


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Comments (14)

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  • volian


    Hi and thanks for the useful video!
    18:50- in my oppinion the limping and limp-calling ranges of recreational players are quite individual and impossible to guess.
    So very often i prefer to check and take a stab on almost any flop.
    Will be glad to hear any comments about that line.
  • dieExxe


    just make more of that Collin :) I like...
  • kubar90


    cool vid Collin. what do you think about applying a smallish blockbet on the river in the AA hand in an analogous scenario but with deeper stacks? while playing against a recreational player those plays tend to work quite often I think, and against regs it sometimes might seem like you rivered a straight and are looking to get a tiny bit of value from, say, a 9.
    Btw, I love the categories you give at the end depending on the score:-) just not too sure about the 'in training' thing. it's 3 answers to choose from usually, and sometimes even 2, I guess, so getting 4 or 5 right out of 12 is just a result of random selection, on average:-)
  • CollinMoshman


    #2 Volian: Thanks! I like the value raise, but you're right that there's some merit to just checking this out of position. One thing I would suggest though is not to let wide/unpredictable ranges of recreational players slow you down too much. It's often still correct to just go for value and see what happens post.

    #3 dieExxe: Thanks glad you liked the video.
  • CollinMoshman


    #7 Kubar90: Kubar, I definitely like the idea, but if we do make a blocking bet in a spot like this, I wouldn't suggest doing it to rep a straight. A player who has 2-pair or something won't fold to a small bet. The purpose of the blocking bet would be to get some thin value from one-pair hands or induce a bluff-raise.

    And glad you like the categories :) They're mainly meant to be fun, you're right that that random selection would get around 4 right.
  • bobo3131


    Yes i like to see more of these Collin!!!
  • BrendanU


    Reale Nixe Video. I Must have much more like this. Thanks a lot
  • kubar90


    Thanks for your reply, Collin.
    See you during next coaching.
  • Pathogen


    Excellent, I have a better understanding.
  • superpokermonster


    make more, Collin :)
  • neverdixs


    min 17 KQ CO, i am not sure about checking river, i think is interesting, if the board does not paired up at the river i think is easier to shove,

    min 22 hand with JJ, i think cbetting is not always the best option in this board as we are defitnely not representing our range here is easier to our opponents outplay us very easily, i prefer much more check call, as most of opponents will bet any hand with no showdown value and some with value that we are winning , and obsly some value that we are loosing,

    so against 2 i will always prefer to check as i will check most of the time anyway when i have no equity, so in this type of board i think we should check all or most of our range and keep the betting for the flush draw and sets... and made straights ;)

    i like the video Keep it up =)
  • Rafa00003


    amaizing video, more material of this type
  • tonypmm


    It's surprising that I got as many as 6 points considering that I hate few things in life more than NLHE postflop :D I might discuss the JJ and QJ spots (where I made correct wild guesses that JJ was ahead and that QJ got behind when the K turn hit numerous Kx hands that were bluffs) in the coaching thread later if I bother to actually drill down into the composition of opponents' ranges.
  • Primrose6789


    Tony, postflop play is fun! I made 9 points. :) I guess I haven´t totally forgotten my CG-past. Very cool quiz. More please!