Snap Goes The w34z3l - NL10 - Preflop Decisions (1)

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $10
  • Shorthanded
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This is the first episode of a new series by w34z3l, in which he will be focusing on live play and moving up the limits, giving you some very specific advice on selected aspects of the game.


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  • pacwhite


    I am ashamed that my English is not so good :/
  • dnr2020


    i've got so much to learn
  • MarcT22186


    I´m happy when I can handle 2 Schnapp Tables!
  • ciketanus


    very useful this kind of strategy
    proud to be in this classy poker room coaching
  • andryneche


    not bet!!)
  • Xa3aPteH92


  • SuperChompa


    nice that the serie gets published for silver members ! Its exactly my goal for 2017 go from nl10 to nl50
  • alexkara87


    nice video
  • DELETEDM_3945785


    nice that the serie gets published for silver members ! - not
  • bobkata1234


  • sheder5


  • miocroboss


  • sanela1234


    Nice video
  • JazBenz


    Super useful!
  • Stormeta


    Move on
  • Ukhoff


    nice usefull video
    how i can get preflop charts?
  • TakingAShot


    One of the great things about Weasel's coaching is that he makes sure he consistently points out plays that he would or wouldn't make at these stakes vs higher stakes. Too many sites try to apply a blanket approach to the game, ignoring the idiosyncrasies of the micros. This is why I believe this site, more than any other, is capable of bringing players from building a great starting foundation, all the way up through progressing to higher stakes.