WSOP Circuit Live Hands Review

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Our No-Limit cash expert from time to time plays also live tournaments, and in this video he will review a few very interesting hands from WSOP Circuit Las Vegas he played last year.


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  • haligh


    i would find it interesting to know whether you bet/call or bet/fold the AQo (first hand) on the river!
  • Zolotarsp


    Always interesting to get something new, thanks Dustin! Did you manage to win the tourney? =D
  • Astaloa


    Thanks for the Video !


    Hey Dustin, your video's are awesome, a good voice and clear contents. One question: How much different is exploitave play compare to GTO in this video, is this due to betsizes a more exploitative video, what you mentioned at the beginning?
  • pucinis


    but if that player has small pair like 66? if would i have 66 i would check raise on this floap, that to do in this situation with hands like AQ,AK?
  • bobkata1234


  • oblioo


    #4: I would tend to bet/call if we are raised. The reasons are: a) we will be getting great pot odds, b) the flush draw missed and we don't block it with either of our cards, and c) the only value hand that really makes sense is 54s, but since every 5 and 4 on the board is a different suit, that leaves only 1 combos left (5d4d).

    #5: I made it deep in two tourneys but no huge scores this time :/

    #6: you're welcome :)

    #7: Thank you for the compliment! Your question is pretty vague, so I'm not quite sure how to answer. I try to play exploitatively whenever possible, but still take what I believe to be close to GTO lines quite often.

    #8: Which hand are you talking about?
  • marceb


    it's always good to see other person view of the game
  • allstarpokerfan


    Thx for the video
  • ukrainanfish


    easy game