Final Table Run in $50,000 High Roller on partypoker (1)

  • MTT
  • MTT
  • $530
  • Fullring
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First part of a final table run of the $530 high roller tournament on partypoker. Enjoy!


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  • Pannekoekk86


    bad for my i dont have the right stats to watch this...
  • Bolko1


    11:00 after villain checking the turn i dont see him having any bluffs on the river. The missed draws that he could bet on the river, as u said, would have bet the turn. After check calling the flop and checking turn and river, he clearly have to give u some showdown value. A huge part of your perceived range after checking the river are showdown value hands like Ax 5x 66 77 and 8x and some missed draws. A good villain should not have a bluffing range on the river after checking the turn imo. What do u think?
  • Zdizou98


    Oh it's verry nice video to see this big game thanks for sharing
  • traxpoker


    good video thanks for sharing
  • gwenn0ha0du


    Good video
  • LuckyLukePS


    @Bolko I think it's a fair point that a good villain should perceive us as holding some weak showdown hand fairly often by the river, but for one thing we don't know the quality of this player. He's one of many Party players with only a few hundred games history on there. He can also wish to get me off the weakest of my showdown hands like 5x as well as better high card missed draws. I also feel that he should barrel his Jx most of the time ott for value/protection and that his value range otr should therefore mostly be some random 2x like A2s (if he bets flop with it) and 8x, which seems thin to bet with. This is why I made the crying call, but I could see arguments for a fold too :)
  • firminho11


    good video, and best tutorial for beginner
  • popova444


    Good video
  • ZoricN


    nice video
  • cibonas


    Thanks a lot for the vide, it explains strategy very well. Nice analysis!
  • Pesho85


    Me 2
  • MatthiasPohl


    Very nice vidéo!

    With your first hand KQ suited ,you made a very small C - bet.
    Do you would make the same sizing if you had A-x ?