The Big $55 Final Table Run - Late Stages & Final Table

  • MTT
  • MTT
  • $55
  • Fullring
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Second and last part of this review focuses on late stages & final table analysis. You can find the previous part here.


final table late stages midstakes review the big Tournaments victory win

Comments (4)

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  • silkkis


    Well played dude!
  • neverdixs


    Hey Collin, i like your vid, i think anyway the comment on the last hand is kinda wrong, the combos that beat as are 66(3)99(3) A6s(2)A9s(1)+ some random A9o? kinda 10 combos, he may have 7h8h but in gral we are not winning to this hand, so i think his 3bet is large enough, by experience i think most pple when is drawing to a flush and the Ax of the flush is on the board they are really less likely to raise with flush combos, as also our OR and CBet is heavy Ax combos i think they will just charge us really unbalanced when they are strong and not so much when they are drawing to the flush so i think is a tight fold but fold that we need to do..., by the way even when he is 9hxh we are fliping so i dont see a point to get stauck when i am barely winning and usually very far behind.. i am agree with all the rest of your comments =) keep it up
  • CollinMoshman


    #5 Silkkis: Agree, well played game!

    #8 Neverdixs: Thanks for the nice words and excellent comments on the last hand. It's a tough spot for sure, few combos in his preflop range have us beat and folding seems pretty exploitable, but I definitely agree that unless he's bluffing more than I'd expect we don't have the best equity there. So maybe you're right that folding is best, if anyone else has an opinion on this, feel free to give your feedback :)
  • RAFC1880


    Hey Colin, great video, but I also think the last hand was a fold for the same reasons as "neverdixs" said: that the small blind would not raise a flush draw with an A-board. Furthermore, the big blind was still in the pot, so a checkraise semi-bluff is even more less likely... But still: though hand to let go :) and well played hero!