Community Takeover with tonypmm & Primrose6789

  • Recorded coachings
  • MTT
  • $1 - $16
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Two of our members took over Collin's stream, see what happened!


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  • Titik


  • tonypmm


    Oops, I didn't expect the recording to be posted so soon :f_eek:

    When I have enough free time, I'll post the timestamps of the most interesting moments, as well as the timestamps when I start playing each of the formats, here.

    The coaching was a potpourri (like e.g. Kyyberi's PLO Buffet) so I totally need to post the timestamps so that you all don't have to watch the entire video.
  • tonypmm


    But most importantly, the section with Prim's healthcare advice starts @1:19:51 - skip the video until that moment to get great insight into the importance of being mindful of the cortisol level.
  • tonypmm


    Some more things to bear in mind:

    1. Hero admittedly sucks at poker.

    2. Hero overestimated his multitasking ability and the ability of his laptop to keep the PokerStars client fully responsive while Teamviewer and Skype were running so the need to talk while playing threw him totally off focus.

    3. Hero has never been a professional streamer so he's never bothered to invest into a good microphone :p
  • tonypmm


    Here's the full reasoning for my underperformance:

    And I do have severe self-sabotage tendencies, unfortunately.
  • tonypmm



    @1:07 Big $11 (till the end of the coaching)

    @1:35 till 13:06, @34:36 till 42:43 - 4-max 16-man hyper satellites to Big 11

    @15:07 till the end - $2.20 Courchevel Hi/Lo MTT

    @8:37 till 20:10 - $11 5-card NL Omaha Prog KO (sorry for my bustout hand - I mistakenly thought I was covering Villain's stack - it's my fault that I hadn't brought up my usual hotkey script's HUD telling the stack size at the beginning of the hand)

    @42:11 The almighty non-all-in all-in (Katie Dozier's trademark move)

    @43:56 till 51:30 - $3 24-man hyper super-KOs

    @57:08 till 1:13:53 - $1.50 6-man non-KO hypers

    @1:14:27 till 1:22:50 - $5 PLO spins (SCOOP sats)

    @1:19:51 till 1:22:45 - Prim's healthcare advice

    @1:22:45 till 1:28:50 - our advice to PLO beginners

    @1:23:58 for 5 minutes - $1 Beat The Clock (there was hardly any room for commentary on these, sorry)
  • tonypmm


    As usual, if you have any questions to either of the participants, please leave them in Collin's coaching thread
  • tonypmm


    Actually, the microphone itself is probably not that bad, but I keep forgetting to turn off the noise suppression feature... it removes a large portion of my consonant sounds and makes my speech unintelligible :f_mad: I wonder why the feature ever works well for other people at all.
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