Being a Poker Pro - How to Manage Your Time Efficiently

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Our mindset coach makes his debut in English community, presenting you a video about time management. You can find out more about whys0serious in the interview here.


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  • Varune


    Any other books you would recommend for productivity?
  • Mantelo


    Very happy Psychology section is updated after some years! Looking forward to the next parts :)
  • LemOn36


    Nothing beats a whiteboard with daily tasks and major goals you get to look at whole day imo :]

    And the first Program is free? I got really used to MS OneNote

    Anyways great vid, love to see mindset stuff on here !
  • whys0serious


    #1 Check out: Charles Duhigg "The Power of Habit" & "Smarter, Faster, Better", "15 secrets successful people know about time management" by Kevin Kruse & Tim Ferriss books.

    #2 Thanks!

    #3 It's free up to 60mb monthly transfer limit which in many cases is absolutely enough (unless u use some attachments like pdf/voice notes etc.). Thank You :)