Chest Hunters - New Reward PokerStars System Explained

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Our coach explains how the new rewards system on PokerStars works, and he is having fun chasing and opening some chests. Enjoy!


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  • BradNitt


  • veganstyle


    it was funny to watch the scam-reward hunt hahaha
  • SMler1


    these chests only suck! I hope hope that even funplayer realize this soon and stop playing at stars, so they must take back this reduse of rewards.
  • tmannie


    I prefer the old rewards program
  • vandeo


  • ibetucry


    Everybody got screwed, there isn't much to explain
  • LemOn36


    It is what it is:)
    Hopefully you still enjoyed the session!
  • leao93


    How can I go back to the older reward program? I miss the times when there were lots of bonus and promotions to recieve extra rakeback
  • stuardek


    hahaha very funny guy :)
  • Sunfire


    I like the new system more because I only play 2-4 <$5 tourneys a week so the boosts kinda help me. I always had the lowest rank with the old system.