A Productivity Framework For Poker Players

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From this video by our mindset coach, you will get an answer to one simple question: how can I get more done with less effort? Enjoy!


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  • the_typhoon


  • Zwiebelmann


    Very nice presentation of basic concept of self-improvement by optimization of your day to day routine. Hope, this series will continue and go a little deeper.
  • cubain


  • SteffenRachut


    Thanks! Any suggestions what you would like to hear @zwiebelmann?
  • Se7enUp


    good job
  • imgoingtomirage


    Article related to this video (we recommend reading it too): https://www.pokerstrategy.com/news/content/A-productivity-framework-for-poker-players_101538/
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  • HugoVale1


  • PeakPoker91


    Good video! I prefer to see a video about Tilt and Handle Variance too.
  • YakuDzen


    Great video! Thank you very much! Waiting for the next video. It will be awesome if you can go a little deeper in topic of effective mental energy management and recovery tips. Thank again!
  • Dit0Filho


    Great content! Thanks a lot
  • JayVee21


    Very nice vid! Thumbs up
  • Mantelo


    Love those psychology videos! Would vote for recovery topic as well :)
  • J1zzC0


    Cool stuff.
  • zPeunRNMD


    Liked it, thanks :)
  • Dileksera


    very good indeedo!
  • Shustrilla


    Do you know, how to wast minimum of your energy during the session?
    Maybe some nethodics that can help during the game?
    For example I shut down the sound on my computer during the session.
    And so I become more concentrated
    Can you advise anything else?