Turnover Tactics - Barreling Bootcamp (1)

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $25 - $100
  • Shorthanded
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A brand new series by our coach w34z3l, which will make your life on the turn way easier. Enjoy!


2nd barrel barrel mastering the turn playing on the turn second barrel series turn turnover tactics weasel

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  • Pinky123


    Nice Video
    I have one question. AJo hand 34min. I think is a little bit loose for a 3 bet. At the flop k29 rainbow. I would bet 1/3 pot. When I looked at Equilab we are Favorit or our EQ is equal dependenz our range and the def range. But we have position and I think our opp cant have a rerais range because his nuts hand is only 99. So i think i will bet here often and small.
    So now the turn. Here I would bet polorized. For bluff flush draws and QJs because the blocker. But I dont have QJs in my range and thats why I think AJ AQ is fine too (i have only Ajs in my range). Because they have still blocker and EQ with the A.
    What ist when the turn is still rainbow. So then there are no flushdraws posible? I think in this case you have to bet many Ax to have enough bluffs,
    What do you think about this game plan?
  • Pinky123


    Aja i dont like to bet all of Axs hands at the turn. Bacause I like to have some flushdraws in my check behind range.
  • w34z3l



    So if I'm saying 1/2 pot is just about ok then the hand must by definition play ok as part of a 1/3rd sizing range. Preflop 3bet should be fine btw, all depends how 3bet range is constructed. I'm tending towards depolarization here preflop.

    We should not assume (at least in theory), that because raises are unlikely on K92r that it is incorrect for our opponent to check/raise vs any sizing. When we start cbetting small it will now be correct for him to actually raise a selection of one-pair holdings. So this is not in itself a reason to bet, although betting is fine as mentioned.

    Remember that on the turn we'll have A4s and A5s and heart draws - hands which are probably barrelled most of the time. On rainbow turn, we'll have to push things wider as you mention. So we'd definitely take any gutshots and may also need to include some non gutter type stuff so AJ could maybe make the cut. A2s/A3s could probably be considered also seeing as they have better improvement potential and may already be the best hand.
  • TakingAShot


    I just watched this and am definitely going to work through the rest of the series. The turn is one of my weak points and as always, Adam clears up lots of misunderstandings and lays proper play out in a concise, clear manner.