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  • aciddrop


    Nice read on the A4 hand, bottom pair against the busted straight draw. Gutsy call, but when you know your reads, I guess that becomes natural. Good stuff.
  • ksh198


    really nice video and cool to see you play without any manager. Anyway I don't see why you had to go broke on the AAx board with 99. If he donkbet like 3 bbs I would think about push it but if he checked I would just check behind since you would have to spend half of your stack to put him allin. I'm pretty new to sit and it's just my point. Or you could bet half his stack maybe and fold to a raise?
  • MikaKoivisto


    At 20:20 I wouldn't push 95o from the SB agains an equally stacked BB when UTG player only has about 1.5BB left. 95o is absolute thrash and if he knows you are good and pushing wide he does not need absolute monster to call. I didn't do ICM calc but it just feels that you are risking too much. I would push something like 97o so it is quite close still.
  • TeddyTheKiller


    @ #2 Which minute is this? The Problem is, that I can't really represent an Ace on an AAx Board but there is still many overcards I have to protect against. If I have about his stack as a Potsizebet over or a little more, I have no choice but to go broke. He could be bluffing a lot on thtat Board or just have a worse Pocket Pair.

    @ 3 if I push 75% he can call about 23%. But ur right, its closer than I thought.