Betting vs Checking with Second Pair

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In this video, Collin with his special guest explain all the pros and cons on betting vs checking with 2nd pair. After the theory introduction you can expect real life examples from the tables. Enjoy!


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  • HAKKA13


    good to see a theory vid from you, vote for more ! thanks
  • CollinMoshman


    Thanks Hakka! Glad you enjoyed ... Honigmund did a great job explaining his thought process in these spots. I definitely have more theory content planned including one on light 3-betting I'm working on now.
  • the4er


    Thanks for video Collin and Honigmund! Hope we see more from both of you :)
  • ghaleon


    12:50 TT: Agree on cbet on 3way pot and check versus just BB. What would your approach be in HU pot versus UTG+2?

    19:00 33: Yeah villain should 3bet that and imo most of hands he wants to play from SB versus (probably) LAG CO opponent. Idea to check-raise flop is pretty bad. You have showdown value and you wont usually get better hands to fold easily plus your line represent such thin range that floats or 3bet bluffs are totally plausible. In river he seems to go for thin value but obviously should fold versus raise. Though if he value bets its bit questionable if shoving would be better.

    29:00 JTs: Line if villain donk bets river like 70%+ sizing? He should have decent amount of 7x so it would be ok spot to bluff some of his weakest holdings.

    39:00 QQ: I would personally think about value raising river. His sizings for turn and river bets there are actually small and depending of reads I could discount decent amount of nutty holdings (Kx+) from his range. I would personally bet both streets way bigger when having Kx mixed with some bluffs. E.g. pot size or bit over on turn. This sizing indicates more of Tx type of value range to me. But yeah there are lot of people who auto use half pot way too much.
  • Aukedevisser