Crush The 2018 with LemOn36 - Planning to Succeed (1)

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  • NL BSS
  • $2 - $25
  • Shorthanded
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Make the 2018 your best poker year so far together with out coach and his new course. Enjoy and leave the comment below!


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  • sdf256


    Hello. I dont know if thats just me, but the video is only 4min long. Is there any way how I can watch the whole stream?
  • LemOn36


    Hello SDF, looks like the Admins made it silver+ status and you are bronze right now.
    The best guaranteed way besides getting a higher status and both watch this series , and put in your input on top
    Is to join us live on
    - Follow the channel so you know when it's online

    We are on every Tuesday 20:00 CET, for example right now we start in 20 minutes!
  • sdf256


    Alright thank you. It also says "to view the full video get silver status" right below the video :D gotta look better next time. Definitely gonna join you today. See you in 15 minutes.
  • RentzEst


    Very very good video , I recommend everyone to watch it . I got some pretty good ideas from there.
  • Pokerbrsp


    Show show show
  • SteveWarris


    #7 not possible to watch for a brongse-fish like me.
  • LuckyAnge1