PokerStrategy's Got Talent - Zotyibacsi97 (1)

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  • NL BSS
  • $50
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Our first contestant of the 2018 PokerStrategy's Got Talent series is Zotyibacsi97! Our host LemOn36 does an interview with him and then together they review his game on NL50 at Unibet Poker. Find out more about this series here.


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  • beton222


  • LemOn36


    Took a while to sync the audio volume guys :)
    It should be level around 10+ minutes
  • AdiPokert


    super video, thanks.
  • adidadi


    Quite amousing video. It's nice to hear other people's stories :)
  • gladius85


  • RentzEst


    Good video, it´s nice to see how someone has moved on and gone so far. Waiting for next video from this 2018 PokerStrategy's Got Talent series. And maybe next year i´m already there.
  • CucumbaMan


    I'll definitely watch this! Is he from Hungary?
  • kacsa1st


    hi guys!

    i think i found 1 mistake: 1h 41min JTo top right:

    u say xb can be good cos we r in trouble in case of xr. but i think this is an easy bet/fold situation. unfortunately u made wrong betsize so u felt u can call cos maybe u just induced him to bluff with your small sizing (of course sometimes it can happen)

    that's why we want to bet big (like 2.5) against A6-A2, KJ, KT, QJ, QT (with bluff catchers he will call anyway). when he xr OTF we have an easy fold cos obv we r facing 2pair+ range and we r beaten. i think noone will do it with sg like Kh9h, Kh8h on this limit.