6-Max & 9-Max STTs with Collin

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Our coach reviews single table tournaments in two different formats: 6-Max & 9-Max. Enjoy!


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  • ghaleon


    3:18 J5s: Would go sort of 50/50. Its hard for villain to hit there so good amount of time Ax is pretty close to top of his range and second barrel should take it down often.

    22:20 K9o: There is option to make blocker bet on river with like 1/3 of pot for thin value.

    24:23 JJ: Yeah check is best. If cbetting sizing should be like 120-150

    27:47 T3o: Yeah easy bet on flop and going to double or triple barrel a ton. You get free flop and its 245. Your check back range has like everything on this flop especially as mid stack in bubble. E.g. you dont really want to raise preflop even with small pockets. So not hard to find ton of value combos that need some balance from bluff combos :)

    33:00 AKo: Flop shouldnt connect with SB flatting range much which is probably lot of broadway stuff and as he is passive it does make sense to make small cbet. I would go with 200-220 or so and wont mind to fold to raise. But I would check as default line as getting raised with these stacks suck big time...

    Versus spewy villain cbet-call is option but its sort of questionable if its better than to aim for showdown and using hand as bluff catcher. Anyway as villain range rarely hit board heroes turn play make sense if he wants to deny villain equity by betting. Though I would make it smaller size if betting.

    Less than 15bb deep having flatting range from SB versus raise is plainly bad imo. Its just too expensive with all the problems included. Closer to 20bb it starts to be viable option with some hands but range is still thin and its hard to balance.
  • ghaleon


    44:40 92s: Yeah as balanced range for turn bet you want some bluffs though when turn pairs bottom pair its actually spot where you should check back most of your range. Simply because villain has "lot of 6x" and hero on other hand should check most of them on flop. Anyway I would prefer to have something like 97, 95, 75 if barreling to block villain 6x range somewhat and have equity yourself.

    56:50 KJs: Great combo to triple barrel when turn opens flush draw. We block strong Ax and wont block diamonds. Though its viable option to just give up river as exploitative line if we assume pretty much no fold equity.

    1:12:45 AJs: Villain can definitely have good amount of pocket pairs taking line like that until river. Big question is if villain would bet pot with hands like QQ, JJ, TT. It is plausible. So I would more often fold than call. From range perspective A high is actually bottom of our range here.
  • CollinMoshman


    Ghaleon, nice comments here.

    I like the K9 blocking bet idea. I agree in 92s that other combos are preferable for our barreling range. With AJs, like you point out, his sizing makes him more polarized and PPs are definitely possible but should be at least slightly discounted when he pots. But you do make a fair point about our range. We might have some QJs type combos that also check back turn for their showdown value, but like you say we're low enough in our range that we can fold here without worrying about getting exploited. Close spot but probably it is a fold on reflection.
  • miskokvo


    dont have silver status to watch whole thing, but 9man reg teaching 6 max turbos.. dont think that will work
  • maniac


    can you please explain why do you open any suited broadway from utg? I would like to know if you would do this in the micros too?