NL $50 HU Live Video - Part I

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $50
  • Heads-up
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Live Video series

Comments (18)

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  • deVall3y


    nice! a HU video
  • TheBrood


    Very interesting! I will go bluff a stack at NL20 FR now!
  • TribunCaesar


    nice austrian accent. :D
  • cojo013


    very nice movie keep going with that...>:D<
  • salflip


    Great vid and well explained
  • freakyphil


    Very nice video. Love the concept of live NL HU. Keep em coming!
  • TheLastNail


    gr8 1st vid TwiceT! lookin forw to starting with HU after seeing whole of the series + the personal coaching in summer ;) :D Btw. how come there are no dancing icons in here?! :( (dance) :)
  • TheBrood


    This video has revolutionized my game!
    Im definitely watching these videos.
  • TwiceT


    @ 7: sure, we'll kill the hu tables when i visit u ;). dancing icons are really missing :D. actually an intro to my video is missing too. i'm thinking of:

    @ 8: yeah "revolutionized" sounds good :D
  • sirjinx29


    "often times" tilts me so hard
    its unbearable

    and i also liked it how he beat you in the second half of the vid because you deserved it after all that coky talk

    besides that nice vid, keep em coming but stop saying "often times"
  • BDL


    He likes to move it move it.
  • uribefache


    Great video!

    The only thing that i didnt like, was your flat call with Q9 in 99X with a FD flop. U can represent a FD by going AI, and he can call with weaker hands than if you just call. Also we dont know if he would pitch a pocket pair if the flush arrives.

  • fun101rockets


    i also started hu by opening new tables and playing my opponents hu
  • Theorist


    nice vid, why are there no comments?
  • fuerstIN


    Min 47: isnt that an easy call on teh River? He should bet any FD on the Turn I guess and he bluffed you off the pot twice or three times, so he might Turn sth like a J a T coz of the FD coming in on the River...
    Otherwise nice Vid but there weren't that many interesting spots imo
  • Dodozz


    good job
  • VanDenKaar


    best note ever - thinks im a bluffy austrian fish :-D lol
  • mauritzio


    Good stuff