6-Max SNG Quiz

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Our coach reviews lowstakes 6-Max SNG game and asks you to pause and find out what is the correct decision in 10 selected spots. Enjoy!


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  • 1ogovAz


    I am Grut
  • ghaleon


    Well lets comment my lines as video go for fun:

    1:00 AJo: Cbetting with backdoor equity and bit of blocker versus Kx hands. If turn comes spade likely planning triple barrel. A, Q or T is decent for second barrel also. Hand is not strong enough to really check-call versus decent sized bet and feels weak to check-fold.

    2:30 KQo: Yeah nice spot and hand to 3bet-fold. Now we can mark open limper as mega fish after that awesome limp-call-fold :)

    5:55 26s: Turn is pretty bad but check-fold is bit weak with 9 outs we most of time have so I would personally make sizable bet like 180 to put pressure on better draws, A high, weak pairs and even some Tx. Which we would do with Kx also which is our main value range here. Also I think this would be ok hand to triple barrel blank because our flush draw is so low that having flush draw blockers is not as bad.

    7:30 T9o: Versus competent players I would open flop pre but versus unknowns open is ok. Flop is clear check as cbetting wont really achieve much. On most board runs we will try to check to showdown. Maybe thin value bet on river unimproved or most of time call versus turn lead.

    9:20 99: As default its close on call or 3bet-call but I would lean toward just calling even if 99 is bit crappy for it as well. TT I would definitely 3bet-call. Folding is too weak. 3bet-fold with 99 make no sense so if 3betting it must be with idea to stack off versus open raiser. Btw if we call and BB 3bets and UTG folds I would shove as this is one of very top of our calling range most of time.

    14:40 Q9o: Calling is clearly best.

    17:40 97s: Dont mind this play overall as Moshman reasoned. Versus competent looking opponent I would just flat because it really make not that much sense for us to shove T22r flop. Problem versus random in float call is that they can so easily just shove turn with no equity hands even if call to me looks kind of stronger than shove. But thing in this spot is that if I actually have good hand I would personally never shove flop.

    19:10 84s: All options are sort of ok and depends on opponent. Shove is likely marginally +EV in nash but as default I would open limp. Versus some real nit small raise would be ok. Versus some aggro player I might opt for shove but tbh shove and fold are really close likely. Problem versus competent BB is that he likely assume our shove range is somewhat capped so in general if we have mixed strategy of shove and something else we dont necessarily want to shove bottom of nash range as our shove range is not as protected by premium hands as nash ranges assume. So I dont agree on Moshman unexploitable open shove argument unless we only have shove range.

    22:03 T9s: CO really shouldnt have flatting range as shallow as he is but its actually decent spot to trap call pre as if BU shove hero has option to iso shove. But in general I would not be that afraid of trap and would cbet like 180-200 on flop as its pretty dry for CO likely range.

    25:00 A5o: Agree on too loose shove. You also want to account fact how small stack BB is which will usually tighten open raiser range somewhat.

    26:00 52s: Clear fold as default. Bottom of nash is probably like 76s or so as blinds should be pretty wide. Ok nash was actually down to 54s.

    28:14 K8o: Call in nash but I dont think fold would be absurd versus this villain. Nash is ok start point but I think we have seen enough from this player to assume he is likely somewhat tighter than he should be.

    30:44 J3o: Would check-call flop. Problem of betting is that our flush strength will somewhat decrease if we tighten villain range by leading. Though it will still be pretty strong but we can easily get into awkward spot with SPR 9. If he bets big folding is totally fine on flop. If he check flop I would turn hand into semibluff.

    If leading out you definitely want to have plan on future streets. Are you going for triple barrel value if flush comes? Go into check-call mode in turn and bet river if he checks? Do you continue versus small raise with mediocre draw on flop? Are you barreling blank turn if villain call?

    32:25 63o: Yeah leading is actually pretty good as overall strategy also because our check range can have so much here and because of that BU should actually check lot. But if having read that villain over cbets then definitely going for check-raise.

    33:10 AKo: For me AK in HU is always 4bet basically. Even if we are like 200bb deep it would be pretty standard but with less than 100bb no brainer to me. So practically always 4bet in any sng.

    Why is this video tagged as "Spin & Go/Twister"? Anyway no idea how many points I got but agreed on most "correct" answers :)
  • ghaleon


    In 97s spot versus competent player fold is actually best most likely if we didnt have at least backdoor flush but anyway point earlier was that call should look strong as well.
  • CollinMoshman


    Thanks Ghaleon! I'm leaving early tomorrow morning on a 6-day trip without any internet, but will make a note now to reply to your questions/comments when I get back :)
  • CollinMoshman


    OK back!

    Ghaleon I've read through your comments, great job. I hope that people who watch this video look at what you have written as an Expert Commentary to read in addition to watching the video.

    Let me just respond to a couple of spots.

    97s: I agree that we fold against a good player without a read on what this c/r on dry flop means from him. If we continue on with this combo that doesn't even have BDFD like you said, then we're almost never folding and so we are playing a very exploitable strategy.

    We might not fully believe him, but we're not going to play so exploitive that we have 0 folding range and this 97s combo we just fold.

    Against a rec player, I think it's fine to fold never or almost never. And you're right, there is a chance that if we float (instead of shove) that he jams his air at the turn. He will probably also not realize that it's unusual we would have any 3bet range on this flop.

    In summary: I like jamming against a rec player and folding against a good player. (Depends on specific player of course, just as generalizations.)

    84s: With shoving, it's a good point -- it's important that if you're shoving hands at the bottom of a range that you're also shoving hands at the top. Having only shove/fold ranges in this spot wouldn't be crazy, but probably best to have a polarized open-limp range and shove the remainder. And in that case, 84s is a good candidate to limp.
  • speko253


  • nylmka


    Hi Collin!

    Thanks a lot for this review! I really appreciate it!

    I've just seen the video and your analysis and comments are simply great. Hopefully I will take them into account in the future and improve my game.

    @Gahaleon: Thanks a lot also for your review. It's cool to see your game analyzed by experienced players.

    For the record, I started to play online poker SNGs SH, but lately I've changed to Spins because of the low traffic and the reggy fields in this modality. Meaning I got rusty.

    I will try to go through the most discussed hands and explain my thought process while playing:

    97s: In this type of spots, where the BB defends pre and the board is low paired on the flop, I have seen lately the trend of re-stealing the CB. Especially coming from some very aggro nationalities and making a re-raise sizing very small (2-2.5) like in this case. So, against an unknown opponent, I pay attention to the nationality and the type of player if I have a flag or note on him to make this decision.
    I try to balance my range by shoving my value range too, meaning K high+, pairs and top pair.
    Of course, my shove makes as little sense as the re-steal and when they call me with the trips or top pair is kind of "egg on my face ".
    Overall this movement in these spots has been profitable for me, but as I said I am playing mainly Spins and MTT lately.

    A5o: Horrible shove from my part. No excuses.

    84s: Without the read of a very tight BB that folds to the OR, I have only a push/fold range here. If I'm first to speak, I never open-limp from any position.

    Looking forward to attend to the Wednesday coaching again, unfortunately I'll continue being busy until January.

    Many thanks again! Cheers!
  • TCMisterPotato


  • Primrose6789


    7:30: 9To: This I had wrong, because I thought that the Q and the K give us range advantage.

    1:00: would have c-betted the AJ too.

    30:44: I would have x/c flop too as Ghale says and bluffed if we missed the draw.