The Complete Variance Guide For Tournament Players

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In this video, Collin Moshman talks about a very important topic: variance & swings in tournaments. It is crucial for all of you to understand these concepts as it might be the next step for become a complete and better player. Enjoy and leave your comment below!


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Comments (8)

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  • LemOn36


    damn all the structure changes etc. make it pretty complicated in SnG
  • kingsuner


    Что это?
  • Dit0Filho


    Great content! It is so important to be conscious about variance effects so we must focus on the things we can control, our decisions and emotional behavior at the tables.
  • volian


    Great video!
    I am wondering what would be Collin's oppinion for good ROI at 45-man turbos and 180-man turbos? How many % to expect for these formats?
  • Marek933


    ty vole , no nevim, musím říct,dobrý ale viděl jsem daleko lepší na jiných webech
  • marco2255


    ces une bonne video tres complete et jai beaucoup apri je la recomande fortement
  • Jirek


    #4 This depends a lot of on your skilllevel and the buy in.
    Here a list of the expected ROI:
    2,5$ 180man: If you have solid Nash-understanding and no big post flop leaks ---> 15%
    20% and more: Very good ICM-understanding

    3,5$ Rebuy 180-man: A good ROI is 5%, very good 10%.
  • AlexKockar


    very intresting