MTT $12 FR Live Video

  • MTT
  • MTT
  • $11
  • Fullring
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Comments (11)

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  • deVall3y


    staying tuned for the next video... another nice video chenny.
    you should note its a part one video though I think
  • ihufa


    45 mins in on top left with about 3500 chips and blinds 600/300 and ante u fold KJs utg. If you chose to shove here, your still having a decent amount of fold equity, also since donks will put a UTG shover on a better hand. If u wait u'll get out of the blinds with 2500 aka 4bb and no fold equity

    My first thought when watching the hand was OMG SHOVE IT U DONKEY, but maybe im wrong? can someone do some math pls?
  • overbe


    insta push
  • usun


    nice video
  • alejandrosh


    nice video, I think KJs with M<3 is a no brainer shove even utg I don't think it's necesary to run numbers at all. A7s was also a shove imo.
  • Njeng


    quitted the video when he called 2 streets down with KK on an A high board
  • BurlacuCG


    30' right-up table : Is the T4o push still profitable with 13BB?
  • SniffvsSnaf


  • zeiduks123


    lol Njeng. Why not? Does he necessarily has to have the ace? Omg come on it's a BB complete. The hand was played properly.
  • strannikspb


    № 6. And also opponent did not bet big till river. Why not to call?
  • HabsnStanley


    Where's part 2? It's not on the list under chenny8888.