NL $200 FR Live Video - Part I

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $200
  • Fullring
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Live Video PokerStars series sixtabling Tribun Caesar

Comments (11)

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  • Gerv


    Could you record a bit bigger next time as fullscreen I cannot really see the stats number nor how big the pot is for instance.. Thanks!
  • TwiceT


    sry for bad quality. i will definitely focus on better quality for the next videos. 1 headset for 2 is rly bad (but w/ headset or earphones it works way better) and yes, we should have recorded it bigger for 6 fr tables. i cant change part II now, but next videos will be better.

    apart from that, the content should be great :P

  • TribunCaesar


    weee, it's lag time :)
  • NiekamNeidomu


    this was play money tables yes :D?
  • jachis


    TwiceT + Tribun is teh nutzz
  • weemikey


    cockring! you drunken fool.
  • iamblueandurmine


    I really liked the 2 viewpoints, sometimes agreeing sometimes conflicting,
    excellent video
  • Caysche


    first 13 minutes are horrible actually, you generally try to play very aggressively but your villains don´t seem to fold anything and you 4bet/fold alot and stuff like that.

    just worst video ive seen so far on this site
  • yomatiyo


    I cant hear.. I cant see.. =(
  • i5bet72o


    awesome vid, a little bad sound quality
  • strannikspb


    I like this kid of video with two players, but the sound is not good really...