PLO $50 SH/FR Live Video

  • Omaha
  • PLO
  • $50
  • Shorthanded
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Comments (6)

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  • ggallin


    haha - I like your style :D
  • aciddrop


    I didn't like the raise of Smithy, when he turned probable trips with the 9. Even on the likely hand you put him, this was a high probability, trips with a straight draw, and he will never fold, and you will never win.

    Also, in the simulation you put up, in the hand where you had AdJdJc8x I think, you put the wrong hand in the simulator, you put pocket nines in instead of pocket jacks.
  • timukasr


    lol @ 22:00 :D
  • Jackalof


    Bwahaha, great fish impersonation :)
    This video is a great example of the importance of position in PLO, well done :)
  • ggallin


    I tried it today, works quite well for a while... after 30 min on the same table however you should change your strategy against thinking players... you will get raised out of the hand by one every single time... :) fun though!
  • Telekomm


    your voice brings me on tilt