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  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $200
  • Shorthanded
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Comments (21)

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  • TheLastNail


    rly nice vid, guys
  • NymXXL


    Good as always but I don´t like the spot with that AJ against min4bet. If you fold it on a flop after hitting top pair, then don´t play it IMHO against midstack becouse then you are calling only with intention of flopping 2 pairs, trips, straights or so if you think he is SO strong. What hands do you put him on? AA is the most unprobably case as well as AK due to the fact that there are only 2 aces left in the deck. Pure mathematically he has QQ with KK more often than AA with AK in this spot and he doesn´t make such a move with AQ IMO. But on the other hand I don´t say that calling flop bet and river shove is standard... Looking forward to more vids :)
  • TwiceT


    true, this hand is a bit ugly. we call pre and fold when hitting tp lol. maybe folding pre would be the best play. maybe stacking off post is mandatory when calling pre. im not sure though, i'm probably just folding pre next time.
  • Purity


    Great video, I like the format of 2 persons discussing what is best much more than just 1 person explaining his thought process. I hope pokerstrategy will make some more videos with 2 persons discussing during live play or a session review. Tnx for vid,

  • TribunCaesar


    nice vid guys. Didn't like the TT and the AJ hand though.

  • swissmoumout


    hey, HE made me call that AJ! clearly I should be the one getting paid to give lessons.

    @ Tribun: care to elaborate about the TT hand? I'm not sure what you're talking about

    Thanks for the comments!
  • TwiceT


    i'll ship u some $$ swiss ;-)

    TT ... hm, i cant remember an interesting TT hand ... but well, TT = TwiceT ... TT rockzzzzzzz tha house :D
  • prodienst


    I think Tribun meant the JJ!? (~min 18:45) I didnt like it because u have no image like u said, he joined the table a few hands ago. For me its a bit overplayed against utg! Didnt like AJ also but its still a very nice vid!
  • swissmoumout


    @8: Yeah, I just noticed that when I rewatched the video, I hadn't realised it wasn't the same guy any more. It's not *that* bad considering my general image at nl200 (I play 28/23, regs stack off super light to me), so I wouldn't say it was -ev, but it might have been better to call and play postflop.
  • Becks777


    min21: KQ, against the agressive 3better we adapt by raising tighter, bluff4betting or calling his 3bets in pos. and maybe float, right? Why not bet the turn smallish, if we are bluffing we are mostly bluffing the turn or not? If we checkbehind on the turn we mostly have sd value and he ist unlikely to bluff the river.
  • mochentes


    #10: aggree!

    anyway, nice vid! Gotta love TwiceT
  • spilie


    we never make mistakes :-D
  • timukasr


    cool french accent swiss ^^
  • kechmaaden


    nice vid dude, i think i will watch it twice
  • Bone1984


    very nice vid :)
  • Maverick747


    very clever bet with the $18 river bet with jq
  • angelalourens


    can someone give me some advice. TwiceT hit trip 2's on the flop (+-10mins into video) why no check, or check raise? it was a rainbow flop, surely one is way ahead? i think that hand could've been milked a bit more with a check and if the opponent checked on the turn, then i would bet? anyone agree or disagree?
  • DarkNeo1


    you guys are sik,i need to grow some cojones to play like you :D
  • cojonel


    i m right here u help u neo :)) instead L put an "N" =))) of my nickname :)))
  • maphacks


    fist bomb super snap monkey coldcall !!!
  • r4zor


    the pseudo thin value bet on the river w/ KQo 3bpot ship it, i like!