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Session Review

Comments (8)

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  • Siete777


    epic intro!!!!!! nh twice ;)
  • TwiceT


    i like to move it move it :D

    since this is my first review and not live video, i hope to get some feedback.
    - was this vid too long? does it get boring due to the length?
    - too many hands?
    - not enough explanation?
    - should i have reviewed just 5 hands and discussed them more detailed?
    - was it overall entertaining/informative/helpful?

    feedback and discussion is highly appreciated
  • bnielzen


    Excelent presetation :)
  • carebax


    I liked it. Good vid.

    Length/information/#hands were all good too imo.
  • TheLastNail


    prolly the best vid in Eng NL section on ps for quite some time. decent sirrrr, decent ;)

    feedback: + i dont mind abt the length of the vid, i think it was interesting throughout the whole time

    +excellent explanations of both lines and soulreading via betsizing (muhahaaa that AQ fish.. awesome! 8-))
    +tough spots for a lot of thinking included, i rly rly like most of the play, altho would have some comments, but not here ;)

    overall very inspiring

  • ge5sterne


    Very nice video mate :) I am looking forward to seeing more videos in this format from you!

    The intro was just hilarious, love it :D
  • Chob


    you are very good player and video analyst!
    geiles vid ;)
  • Pharaoh23


    rly rly nice explanations. i hope to see some more reviews by TwiceT