NL $1,000 SH Session Review

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $1000
  • Shorthanded
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balancing EV PokerStars Session Review

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  • Siete777


    Hey guys.

    Would be great to get some kind of feeback what u'd like to see in the future.

    Live-vids, sessionreview or a selection of hands like in this video or the last of twiceT.

    Regards siete
  • mochentes


    awesome vid i think. at least the 4 first minutes are on DC niveau.
  • stylus20


    really like this format, great hand discussion and alternative lines.. awesome and i hope for more vids!
  • abakusschwarz


    hallo siete

    The format is very professional. I also like the vid, because it showed me the difference between my game. I don't agree to all your explanations and sometimes (for me) you lost some arguments. It's not important I'll play the same spots the same way, but it's nice to think about "standards" in ur own game.
  • dhw86


    wow, stars is very nitty compared to other poker sites, so i canno sa how accurate your ranges are.

    for the next video: please play against known players, i dont like that guessing game vs unknown regs or decisions made because of the last 30 hands were a normally aggro villain was passive and tight (just because he had no playable hands at all), so please play against villains you know!

    i felt like watching a shagg video!
  • Siete777


    Thanks for the feedback!

    @ mochentes: I dont know how to say it in english, but that was my "ritterschlag". Thank u :D

    @ stylus: thanks, man.

    @ abakus: Thank you. I totally agree with you. Its not about playing every hand exactly, its about getting a different point of view and a 2nd opinion about certain spots. Thats how u learn, thats how u get better.

    @dhw: Well, to be honest, I just played NL 1k on stars for the video, not often before, not often again cause the style is - as I said in the video - really different compared to other sites as pp, FT or iPoker and they are not as many fish as on other sites. Since i got better reads on the opponents on iPoker i will do the next videos there if u want to have more "history".

    To me playing against unknowns trying to get as much information as fast as possible about the opponents is interesting as well, but I totally understand ur point of view. Btw: I played 23 19 in this session, shagg was playin 16 13 or sth SH. ;)

    gl on the tables siete
  • Sim87


    JTs hand:
    I think you forgot to include 77 in your valuerange but I agree with the rest of your 3barreling range (98s is close but there are only 2 combos so its not super important)
    I really dislike your overbet (as you also said) especially since 9x is more in his range than it is in yours. an overbet creates 0% more FEQ there imo since it makes sense with so few valuehands and weightens your range so much towards bluffs.
    I think an overbet might even get looked up lighter because of the "polarized deadmoney" so I think a normal bet is best for all aspects.

    33 hand:
    I think that the range that you give him for bet/calling might be a bit tight. He probably expects you to raise sets on the flop a decent % of the time, especially in
    a multiway pot, so your range is weighted towards draws and maaaybe QTs (really small % of your range though).
    My main problem with a turncall is basically that we don't know if he is bluffing with his busted draws/air on blank rivers
    and we also can't raise for value on soo so many rivercards (any spade,club,straightcards) so imo we gain less by underrepping
    there, even valuecut ourselfes since we are drawing to blank rivers. I think I prefer a turnraise

    I think I prefer a cbet. FWIW you only need 2 streets of value against that guy to get stacks in and I don't remeber
    many shortstacks to be bluffhappy. If he's a regular shorty then he is pushing most aces in preflop anyway, generally
    all aces that have you beat (except maaaybe A8o exactly) so his callinrage is rather narrowed towards weaker hands than
    yours. If he is some randomfish then these assumptions are not further important but unless I know that I'd go for a flopbet.

    Nice video overall, I like the format of the handreview and I'd like to see more of those :)
  • FES1337


    make more of these, also all the other languages u seem to speak!!!

    Great video-Format! Very interesting thoughts!
  • FaulBreitner


    ty, captain obvious!
  • mattisks


    call me with AQ. Please :) Interesting vids. Now I have to grind bit more and often to ever get to see the vid in full :)