SnG $210 - $555 Live Video

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  • SNG
  • $200 - $550
  • Fullring
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Comments (6)

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  • vhallee


    great video! you guys make a nice video couple :)
  • Bl00dythi


    but unfortunately the sound gets lil bit delayed as the video proceeds...
  • chiller666


    upper left, min 23:
    is this AK-call so easy? you just got the chiplead and you risk crippling your stack and becoming the shortstack yourself. Also, his push isnt the weakest, because he has 6bb, isnt the shortie and pushs utg into the guy against whom he has the least FE.
    What range whould you call there?
  • MauMau


    solid read auf phatchoy888 imo - war ja nur der biggest winner in den 9 mans zwischen 300-10004 2008 :-)
  • alexthefly1


    teddy, how do u know all the exat ranges? did u learn it? how sng wiz or nash???
    nice vid
  • TeddyTheKiller


    @3 I could imagine AQ getting close in that Spot vs some players, but AK ist just an absolute must Call in the Spot, I'm pretty sure.

    @4 thats cause of volume not cause of skill, although I didn't say he was bad.

    @5 I don't know exact ranges, I just guess them and then look at how my hand is performing aggainst that range and take ICM into account. If you want to learn that you should look at Nash first and then use SnG Wizard for elaboration on how ur ranges change if the opponents range varies to the NASH range.

    Thx for the good feedback guys.