MTT $55 Session Review - Part I

  • MTT
  • MTT
  • $55
  • Fullring
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TribunCaesar reviews his 20,000 guaranteed Multitable Tournament. He gives you a rundown of each opponent and gages his chances against them.


FullTilt series Session Review

Comments (8)

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  • deVall3y


    hurrai MTT video not for diamond status :D
  • Chreide


    35:17 You ´re calculating the odds. Little advice: read from "total pot" in the middle of the table instead of adding the chips up :)

    I like the video a lot anyway.
    Would be nice, if you could explain a little bit more the ranges of your opponents...although it takes lots of time :)
  • asromafan82


    wow great video .
  • Vega5503


    bom vídeo. congrats
  • betwinner


    25 min. KQ raise from SB 6k (3BB) next hand aus Buton with KK raise 4,8k(2,5BB) its wrong! Nobady call this, you should raise 6k again here.
  • tennisassxxxx


    wenn du bei minute 24 AQs hast und gegen den BB first in aus dem SB openraised, foldest du?

    kann ich mir nicht vorstellen...
  • luckyloop55


    hmm...wäre es nicht profitabler bei minute 35 direkt ai zu pushen? damit gebe ich den kleinen stacks keine möglichkeit alzu loose zu repushen...
  • YugoBetrugo777


    it would be very interesting to see a successful MTT from its very beginning. in this case the video starts when there are only 33 players left.