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Session Review Unibet

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  • weickenmeier


    lecker..first und ab silber
  • dyo


    Hi Leute,

    dieses Video werdet ihr ab heute bis zum 02.10.09 ab dem Status Silber ansehen koennen. Dannach werden wir es auf den regulaeren Status umstellen.

    Viel Spaß beim Schauen. :)
  • Predi1337


    #2 :)
  • dyo


    Hi guys,

    this video will be available for silver members till 10/02/09. Afterwards the status will be changed to Platinum.

    Enjoy. :)
  • p00s88


    wer is des? :D
  • ChrisTuff


    @#4: gleich releasen wir ein Interview mit ihm, dann erfährst du mehr über ihn ;)
  • MinBetDonk


    sehr schonees vid.
  • AldiGmBH


    wtf was sind das für fische an den tables
  • mrmad77


    solid english! ;) macht das zuhören spass.
  • Pharaoh23


    very very nice video, i rly liked the explanations on all of yours Hands, especially when you talked about the range your opponents think you could have. would be nice to see more stuff like that ;-) of course i hope the lower members(gold,silver) will be able to see those videos for at least one day *gg*
  • OnkelHotte


    Hey guys, please take care to give your feedback in english to let Ali participate in discussions and to give him notice of praise or criticism. He is happy to give feedback to your comments so give him a chance to do so:)
  • Karissa


    As sng - player, this vid was my first one about SH NL, especially in english. And what to say?
    I like your voice, really ...^^ So soft and fluent, what I liked most. It makes it obvious that you are an american.
    Even I don't know really, if there were some wrong played hands, cause I'm not a cash-gamer, i liked the whole vid and it would be nice to listen to and watch more of your playability in the future.
  • toadie


    Awesome Vid! Best Coach ever!
    Unfortunately i can't watch his next videos with my status... :(
  • Karissa


    @ 12

    don't be so pessimistic to yourself ...^^

    You will reach the platin to watch his vids sooner or later, I'm sure.

    It's not bad, if it is later, if you solve it anyway ...^^
  • Somnius


    Thank you for the positive comments so far, I will try my best to translate the German but it doesn't capture what you're saying perfectly.

    Also, not a big deal, but I'm actually Canadian :). I'm assuming you refer to the west as "American" in general so it's all good.

  • marquisGrissom


    TY very much for the..."instant promotion"
  • PokerMarcel87


    Nice vid
    The way you pronounce "about" reminds me of all the how i met your mother jokes about canada :-)
  • daberndl


    nice vid, also like the voice :P
  • Azathoth


    I'm reminded of South Park when i hear about ;)

    Liked the vid as well, especially when you take your time to explain some hands in detail (e.g. the rr pot with KQs).

  • foshizzle


    bin silber, kann aber nur 4 min. gucken und der 2.10 ist auch nocht nicht! irgendwas ist da schief gelaufen ... fix pls
  • suitedeule


    nice video, def a great addition to :) ur voice reminds me of bobbofitos
  • Schlaubi7


    please talk slowlier to me^^
  • Aschenbroedeleffektor


    finde ich super, dass man jetzt ab und an vids eine zeit lang unterm status schaun kann...
  • mochentes


    limping on the BU, Coldcalling JJ, not bringing KK preflop in...

    those are things that are definitely quite new in this kind of pokerschool. Thank you for your thoughts. I really liked the video.

    However I got a question regarding the KJs at about 34:30. You explain his donking range which are all hands that beat your holding but you call nevertheless on the flop?

    For future videos I would love a sessionreview just based on a couple hands or even a theory vid.

    so far,
  • McKenna


    Speaks about some very important, yet often undervalued or not recognized principles. Like the video very much.
  • kszpd


    Nice vid,nice lines/tought,def different as PS tactics,but i'm sure some ppl will more likely pick this style as the PS original stuff.

    Keep it up Somnius!
  • Somnius


    34:40 KJ:

    I also mentioned a portion of his range is marginal made hands especially ones that have a diamond as well. I don't know what ratio of his range they take up ie his frequencies. Definately not folding to an unknown on the flop here.
  • chaulmelou


    very good videos thats real good content from a pro!
    great part about the psychological aspect of the game,
    best nl vid I've seen so far
    keep on doing this
  • TheLastNail


    hey! very nice 1st vid Somnius. looking forw to your work. Ofc any topic gr8tly appreciated, but would like to c some discussion of tough 3bet pots esp oop, and general levelling vs good regs
  • FiftyFifty


    I think your thought process on the JJ hand on min 23 is wrong:

    you say you didnt bet the turn because you want to mix up and that you can get a bigger bet on the river in, but you also give the big argument for betting when you talk about his range on the turn. It has a lot of draws in it. When you even include overcards that cbet and give up on the turn + the marginal hands you have a whole lot of a percentage of hands on the turn that you will get value from on the turn (if you will get any anyways)+ the protection. And on the other side you only have some medium pairs, where you will get a little more on the river. With all other hands on his range you also have some reversed implieds and so on.
    So i think you have to mix up of course. but JJ is a really bad hand for that and the special situation here is also just not a good spot to do that in my opinion.
    If you throw in the chance that he will call 2 bets with 77-99 or something you miss value against those hands also..
    Another argument is to have a lot of value hands to mix up your floats on that board.
  • Somnius


    I definately agree with your analysis and these are the reasons why I bet JJ there over 90% of the time. I just simply sometimes randomize my play usually based on gameflow and I gave the reasons why I might do that in this session review.
  • Krenobelo


    the next vid should be a 3betted pot compilation. i like ali!
  • larry3d


    nice vid.
  • Njeng


    somnius mentioned in the video, that he expects his opponent to doublebarrel most of his better draws like FDs, combodraws, etc. this was the argument why he would not protect the turn here and not loose too much value anyways. also he didnt want to get it in on the turn necessarily and went for a little pot control bluff induce and underrepped his hand thereby balancing his cb turn range. i like this play alot, but sure you shouldnt overdo it. also id probably never do this heads up vs a fish, because then im not looking for a lot of balancing but for pure value.

    video was awesome!
  • d4nnny


    Really, really nice vid! Liked it very much. Keep it up! Even though I won't be able to see a lot of your videos in the future ;)
  • taschendamenfalter


    excellent stuff, even though its way too sophisticated for my level.

    One sidenote i`ve been very impressed:
    "...make the fish feel comfortable on the table... will be profitable for the whole table..."
    This is so f** true and so few people understand its one of the big +EV-factors.
    It f**`s me up all the time you got a nice fish on the table, everybody`s just waitin` for a nice spot against him, when sudenly a reg on tilt joins the table, looses a big pot to the fish and starts callin` him everythin` resultin` in leaving the fish with 50% plus

    thanks for these remarks (keep on rememberin` the guys)
  • Mueslirocker


    very good video, Im far away from ur skill level and have the biggest respect, but i did not really understand the KK Play @ ~min 36.
    You said, that his 3-bet range is too small, and that you rather call his reraise. But you dont have many hands of this player, he had only 52 sitations for a 3bet, so i think the 2% are not representative. After calling his 3bet, if the flop does not include an ace, you still cant exactly rate the strengh of your hand, he can still hold aces and would play them probably like Kings or Queens on such a flop.
  • Somnius


    While the 2% not being representative is definately reasonable, his range is still super narrow here. I opened UTG, and there's a short fish. Not saying 4betting and getting it in is wrong, but I like playing postflop.

    If we maintain an overpair on the flop, we certainly do get information about his hand. Of course this is too general and it depends on the flop.

    He's certainly not going to be bluffing relentlessly after we call, and sure some of his value range could be below us, but we're not calling the 3bet to fear aces postflop. Simply playing a situation a bit more passively to allow for potentially more EV postflop.
  • xarry2


    I would also spend those 95€ for feeling good ;)

    besides that: very nice video, with focus not only on strategy but also on mental/psychological themes - which imo make up the edge on high limits.
    keep it up!
  • Timmel


    Great Video and a pleasure to watch your game. Quite an impressive hand with KK in the end - im sure I'd have lost all of my stack there nearly 100% of the time - but that's probably why I am still playing NL10 and you're making a living by this game ;)

    Thanks for the opportunity to watch this

  • w1z4rd


    the status has already been changed... and it's just 10/01...
  • Susicool


    What was the name of the book from Tommy Angelo you talk about arond min 28 ?
  • OnkelHotte


    Sorry if that happened too early.
  • xxxTiCaLxxx


    very nice video, thank you a lot.
    i forgot how important it is to really think about the ranges ALL THE TIME!
    please keep up the good work !
  • Arcanis23


    great video
  • DirDauna


    I´ve never seen a video with better explanations. Very good job!
  • Fistor


    goddammit, i needz such villainz.....limp/fold on the button on NL600.....gnihihihihi
  • fewri


    bajgora76 is from Kosovo he is Albanian.
    Nice video
  • jmaric7


    Nice video. Just keep recording new ones, and we will learn very much from you.
    Thanks, and good luck at tables.

    P.S. What kind of software are you using to record video?