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  • frzl


    hi teddy
    nice but i still remain disappointed.
    i mean: yes you said you will end the vid right when the super turbo goes down but would it really have been so awful to at least finish off the bubble at the upper left? especially with another 5-handed table available there should have been more than enough interesting spots to talk about :(.

    another thing i noticed ist that you didn´t talk about your notes. especially with only 4 tables running there should be enough space for that (i enjoyed your efforts to fill those pauses with hands you played before btw. :)). maybe take at least 2 seconds to explain what the colours are all about. you did this in an older video i guess but you can´t assume that everybody knows all of your vids ;).
    e.g. at 20:00 and 20:40 you are on the bubble and push into another bigstack with a red note... imo this note could change anything right? e.g. turn an easy push into an easy fold :)

    4:20 ul: i don´t like the 44 open. you have a 3k stack and the bb is 120... furthermore there is 1 person with an excellent pushing stack, 1 with a good-average one and 3 big stacks which could easily coldcall (it´s a 55...). standard spot for you? am i too tight? i would fold it pretty quickly...

    explanations etc. excellent as always and i really have to admit that you improved your... errr.. "time-filling-skills" drastically. a pleasure to watch.

    4/5. thank you very much
  • TeddyTheKiller


    Hi frzl

    Red and Orange Notes are good Regulars. In Badgers case I have nothing specific written down which is usually indicated by the red note. As soon as a find a weak spot the note goes orange.
    However I did mention somewhere that Badger knows he can't call loose on the bubbel.

    The 44 in that particular spot is probably a bad openraise for the reasons u mentioned above. I was just talking about sth else and didn't pay enough attention to the situation on the top left.
  • deco99


    good vid i like ur bankrolls :)
  • spl4t


    im sorry that you didnt run good, but imho the video was rather boring.