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  • Jdz


    Cool video as always AK.
  • AnnaKurnikowa


    Enjoy! :D
  • Titicamara


    Nice played. So how much did you profit from those sessions?
  • AnnaKurnikowa


    #3 - you're just talking about pure money? Actually I suppose I lost something like $0.12 due to rake :p

  • fakedurrr


    u have played 25k hands on Party poker FR shortstacking right? is that u r normal stake or u are jsut making videos on party poker?
  • AnnaKurnikowa


    I'm normally playing NL200 - NL400 SSS on other sites than Party. Partypoker is just for making videos :)
  • TinnuP


    nice video.. i didn't know that you can treat a min raise as a limper :)
  • TinnuP


    oh and why did u steal with AT , do you know where to read about that?
  • LetchLord


    Very nice video, but aren't there way too many short stackers on all the tables? Even one of the tables only had short stackers (169020...).
  • AnnaKurnikowa


    @#8 you're right - for the very basic strategy it should be a fold, but there are a couple of points you may think about that make you prefer the raise compared to a fold.

    1. Our hand is still very good and especially in the blind battle you may play it, even if the Starting Hands Chart cuts off at AJ

    2. the BB is most likely a Shortstack - so he's playing very tight and will fold most of the time against your steal

    3. most of the flops you know exactly where you stand and you may easy decide weather to go all in against a possible callingrange, just make the cbet or play checkfold.


    #9 On the one hand you're right - you should focus on tables with less shortstackers but on the other hand...just a few people playing with 20 BB are realy playing the Shortstackstrategy. Due to the fact you may just win 20 additional BB with your 20BB Stack it doesn't matter weather you play against a short- or a bigstack. The problem with shortstacks is just that if they are also playing very tight, your strategy is not working any more that good how it could be and that's why you should avoid Shortstacks in general. But if you get a read on them by watching just the ammount of hands they play and you come to the point where you say that they're playing not the tight Shortstackstrategy, you may treat them from their playingstyle not as a shortstack.

    Even on NL200 or NL400 I still see tables with 6-8 Shortstacks where maybe 1 or 2 guys at least are really playing Shortstackstrategy. Don't fear them :)

    In the silver section there's an article about the play against Shortstacks, so keep movin on up in the limits ;D

    btw - for further questions please add the time in the video e.g. 18:53

    AK =)
  • TinnuP


    nice :D thanks
  • drawback


    Very nice vid.
    Could u please make a VOD about blind stealing hand ranges and about playing vs 3bet. And also some examples of free play would be good. ;)
  • fakedurrr


    I relly liek ur aproach AK, answweering all questions, and not jsut briefly :) u make me wanna try SSS :)
    and I was askign about u playing on party NL100 cause u are loosign there as one trackign site claims :) (well, break even cause of rakeback :) )
  • AnnaKurnikowa


    #13 - might be. 25k hands is just no samplesize. Actually I played on Partypoker for about half a month regularly because I do not like the software. I'm normally playing sth. like 16-18 tables (max. party software). With about 80 hands/hour per table I played for about 20 Hours there ;) And I suppose in 20 hours you may sometimes be a loosing player when you are a winning player in 6 months ;)
  • AnnaKurnikowa


    #12 - I'll try to do that for further videos :) Right now I have a couple of videos that I already recorded but for further videos I will probably pick one of those topics.
  • fakedurrr


    #15 tehn postthose videos :) or Ps will forbid u that? u have to w8 some time until u publish another video? and isnt there any thread cause I am sick of always going here cause my internet connection just sometimes dosnt work as it should :)
  • AnnaKurnikowa


    #16 I did already upload a couple of other videos but it's up to PokerStrategy WHEN they publish them ;)

    And there is no thread yet but if you want you may open one =)
  • fakedurrr


    okay, I will :) I will make one thread that could maybe go as sticky one cause I will try to make suersummary of all articles but I will also ask some questions etc. u may read it then :) (U HAVE TO :D)
  • AnnaKurnikowa


    And there's already another video out... ;>
  • Mizner


    AK, please tell me, I have a question about your QK raise from button and then checking on the flop and folding on the turn.

    "Pokerstrategy says" that in SSS you should always make a Cbet against one oponnent.

    "My opinion" - After his checking on the flop you can represent any pair from the chart. Of course he may be slowplaying, but it is not my point (it is improbable in the long run).

    "My question 1" - Was the hand played right according to Pokerstrategy SSS?

    "My question 2" - Do you recommend to fold in such a situation, where you have QK overcards in position and flop is not heavy draw?

    "My question 3" - If the answer 1)NO and 2)YES, then do you recommend us at low limits such as NL10 to follow PokerStrategy stone cold SSS or your "slightly deviated version"?

    Sorry for stupid question 3, because the answer 2 would implied the answer 3, but I wanna be sure that you got my point:-)
  • fakedurrr


    Player Type:
    Windoofs7 is a Red Fish (Aggressive/Passive). Weak post-flop play makes Windoofs7 a losing player. With Poker Crusher™, you know immediately what player types you're facing, thanks to an easy-to-read icon beside each opponent's name.

    Hah : and I am a BOMB , muheheheeeh
  • THeGaME23


    Nice video AK, thanks.
  • gedwashere91


    Why is the villains flop bet sometimes called "donking" the flop? Is it donkey-bet or something? And is it a bad play?
  • AnnaKurnikowa


    concerning the "donkbet" look here:
  • Sinnology


    Nice video.
    I just swiched from SNGs to SSS and your explanantions sure came right.
    Love your accent tho, its very entertaining and funny to listen to you.
  • dakson


    great video, respect!
  • sologuitar


    Thanks for the Vid :)
  • Nevrolog63


    почему он на 2 минуте конбет не поставил - там куча аутов, пусть, может и дисконтирумых....?
  • elisabethp


    Nice vid! Thanks!
  • lxpower00


    Hi first off all Very Nice video.
    I just wondering is this starting hands chard.pdf is avlilabe somewhere ?

    Sorry, for my bad english and keep up with your good videoz :)
  • Omarhawk


    Nice Video. Encourages me to continue playing SSS. THX
  • Crybaby777


    он говорит что против 2-х не стоит ставить
  • Crybaby777


    Hi AK, very nice video! Please record more!
  • RetroPal


    Very nice! Want more!
  • bubzeh



  • purple16


    Nice video.Thanks :)
  • KKNgroup


    Thank you. I really like your style!