PLO $200 SH Live Video

  • Omaha
  • PLO
  • $200
  • Shorthanded
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  • TwiceT


    @ min4 pfAI:
    i need to add some things, cuz this play IS NOT standard and should usually not be imitated by the viewers. here are some thoughts about the hand:

    vs KK** from the reg we have 47% EQ.
    vs their exact hands we have 25.5% EQ.
    vs AA**, KK**, QQ** from the reg and **** from the maniac, we have 34% EQ.

    ofc, for a better analysis we should give the reg some big rundowns with at least one suite and stuff. but as we can see, its definitely a gamble (which i also said in the video). BUT: reason for this play is that its a small gamble AND i dont mind taking it but having the chance to double up and play deepstack vs the fish. that way that play becomes clearly EV imo.

    cuz we know, he might get stacked very soon from the other players at the table. i want to do as much as i can do be the one who takes all his moniiiez.

    if u find some other interesting hands, just post in the comments.
  • TwiceT


    min 8: nh muhahhahhaha :D
  • AndreMG


    Really funny @8min ....
  • maggman


    PapaWarbucks = Oink?
  • AndreMG


    My pc crashed 2 times within the 20 min, or something like that...anyone had same problem? Using old player will solve this? Ty.
  • TwiceT


    @ 4: oink = ? but warbucks is definitely a good reg.

    @ 5: never had this prob, but maybe try the old player ...
  • maggman


    Oink = well known LHE midstakes grinder
    really solid LAG,
    maybe PLO is his main game now
  • xubooo


    Jan.2010 dub
  • XeroHTLP


    very good