NL €1000 SH Session Review

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $1000
  • Shorthanded
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Somnius brings you his second video for on Unibet, 4tabling shorthanded. He tells you about his advanced game play and his attitude to poker.


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Comments (14)

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  • firsttsunami


    enjoy watching. I've released the video again with better soundquality!
  • BurstI


  • taschendamenfalter


    i would love to see the whole vid - what about an xmas-release of one of his vids for all (like the first one)?
    thanks in advance
  • MinBetDonk


    nur premium in den ersten 4 min:D
  • Pokerfu


    awesome I remember u at leggo. U r welcome! Good vid.
  • Cheezy


    das ist doch NL1000€ nicht $m naja eigentlich auch egal
  • OnkelHotte


    @6: Uh, you are right, we did not realize that. I edited the title.
    Thanks 4 hint!
  • JTtotheD


    definately solid video - some good explanations but nothing new to me. do you plan releasing videos playing on other sites like Full Tilt, Stars or Partypoker?
  • Somnius


    Not any time soon. Perhaps Spring/Summer. There will be more educational, theory based videos to come as well so that should strengthen the content for you a bit.
  • TheLastNail


    an awesome vid again

    very very interesting concept of c pf minr from ss plrs .. however u ve only been dealt AK exclusively afair. U rly just call even mid/small pps even oop there? would be excited to see how u play those other postflop if u do. Also some speculative hands to mix it in when u feel the postflop edge is big?

    i ll review this vid 2moro or day after to add more comments coz cannot remember specific hands now and the vidplr ended.

    of top of my head: u rly dont seem to be playing too many 3bet pots even ip, even deeper.. is it that u rly concentrate on getting specific reads until u do so? fe K3s on BU i remember, or even 1 small 4bet also deeper /but not so much/ with KQ on BU.. isnt it just nice and easy play vs some tag post who can just cbet/give up later since i guess his range is rly polarized a lot in that spot and we deffo might move him of some better hands sometimes too /like AK,AQ unimproved for sure.. /!?/

    i am deffo lookin forw to next series, hope with some spots with nice monkeymode big bluffs also :D
  • Somnius


    My 3-betting is largely dependant on the current flow of the session. Perhaps it's just variance considering we only really see a 25 min block of playing time or so in these vids.

    Fortunately, there will be much 3betting covered in the upcoming theory series.

    Glad you liked the video.
  • ThatstheTonyG


    LOL!Standard allin with TT on this levels?

    You will always see QQ ,AKo on lower stakes.Sick!
  • Gabinr1


    Nice video. I will be there at NL1k soon enough :)

  • OnkelHotte


    Well TonyG, I think just your comment is LOL.