FL $30/$60 SH Live Video - Part I

  • Fixed-Limit
  • FL
  • $30/$60
  • Shorthanded
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Kobeyard plays on Poker Stars. During this live poker session 3 tables of 30 – 60, there's much action on the 3rd of the 3 tables so only two tables are in view with the third being put into view when something happens.


Live Video PokerStars

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  • Danny917


    and? -.-
  • radaZ


    lern englisch
  • brigade75


    high limit waouuwwwwww
  • OnkelHotte


    Have fun! And if you like the video some nice words are not the worst option:-)
  • sttoil


    I can't understand fold with 555?
  • sttoil


    in 10 minutes
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    Предполагам, че искаш да коментираш с треньора на английския сайт:


    твоят коментар е на българската версия и треньорът няма как да го види тук.

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    очень хороший сайт,викторина жосткая)))
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    so I will say some nice words...

    nice Vid again kobe, but I don't know if someone looks in the comments here!?

    19:00 KQs on the right hand side

    very funny, I had nearly exactly the same situation on 1/2 a few weeks ago.
    Little bit different as we were 4handed on the Flop, but I had KQs and flopped the Flush, the coldcaller on the flop deceided to check/raise the Turn 3handed. It was a rather passive TAG, so I made the fold on the Turn as I didn't want to invest 2 BB as I blocked the 2nd and 3rd Nutflush, I dn't think he'll ever check/raise a Jhigh-Flush on a 4suied Board as he was reasonable.

    Wenn, 1/2 is more passive than 30/60 but do you think someone will coldcall the Flop and checkraise the Turn in such a sot with the jhigh-Nutflush or worse? I can't imagine it. I mean, you're not exploitable by folding as thi situation comes up 1 time every year maybe and he will never bluff witch such a line...

    or do you think players are able to play such crazy lines with any craphands or the Jhigh-Flush?


    isn't it too tight to fold the turn for 4 to 1 as you have implied odds? I think you can calculate with implied Pot Odds of at least 5 to 1.
  • kobeyard


    @ 19:00

    yeah maybe you can think about folding there. i think i just made a mistake by ignoring that option (not saying the calldown itself was a big mistake)

    @ 22:00

    with implieds you certainly have a thin call but you gotta get 1 more bet into the pot for sure in order to make the call profitable.
  • deralte71


    I liked your thoughts on whether to river bet or not. usefull even on the 1-2, 2-4 tables i play.
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    为什么新手也可以看 要普及有限注?