NL $200 SH Live Video

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $200
  • Shorthanded
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TribunCaesar brings you this live video on Full Tilt Poker. He plays shorthanded on 4 tables and when he joins the tables he doesn’t know any of his opponents, so he hopes for an interesting session because of playing against unknowns.


FullTilt Live Video

Comments (8)

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  • terrorpils


    nice 1!
  • BoyRobot777


    why would you shove QQ on KJnumber board? its a situation against shorty shove and some other guy. Everything beats you if he calls your shove.. unless its somekind of hero call... anyway, luv your videos. hope to see more :)
  • NymXXL


    Nice vid. Did you 4bet that TT hand with intention of calling shove? Or did you decide to turn your hand into a bluff?
  • stylus20


    great vid, hope for more to come. but the QQ hand on the KJx flop .. meh, the pot is protected, why turn your hand into a bluff against the other stack?
    @3 the TT against the steaming guy? obv 4b/c.
  • VzLOM


    04:90 u always doin cbets in 3bp in such spots?
    4:10: what about 3b w 44 against such nitty guy? What was his f_to_3b?
    And ... u're always folding 22 in utg?
  • B45TI


  • B45TI


    btw. Klasse Read mit 44
  • Blackjed


    y I noticed that 22 fold from UTG, a bit to tight I think.