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Anna Kurnikowa aka AK presents a short stack strategy video, giving you full explanations and a professional view of this type of play.


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  • AnnaKurnikowa


    Hum...can't remember this video :D anyway - have fun watching it =)

    General feedback here:

    Video-specific feedback and questions in the comments as always ;D
  • ProVic


    are u serious mate?
    deine Aussprache provoziert mich extrem...kann man sich nicht anhören diese möchtegern Oxford english...gibt es kein native speaker der nl10 sss vids machen kann...wenn du wirklich nicht anders englisch sprechen kannst dann mein Beileid!
  • AnnaKurnikowa


    thanks for the feedback - even for the critical ones - but please post it in english that all the people reading the comments will be aware of your concern.

    Actually if you don't like my articulation in this video, I reccomend you to watch another NL10SSS video from me:

    The purpose of this video was to make a video with a "non-mumbled-english" so that everybody watching the video who is even not that good in english will be able to understand it - if you don't like it, that's ok.

    And need to offer me condolences ;-))))
  • TomasSan


    great video, very helpful for getting self confidence on SSS :)
  • AcEisBeast


    Bad ass man, good explainaions
  • MrNichtsnutz


    I like your video, thanks! It's very informative and helpful. Let me give you a hint, though: Don't try to imitate any English accent as a non-native speaker since it sounds kind of strange rather than serious. One immediately notices that you're German. You're also switching a lot between American English and Oxford English, which is hilarious because it's unusual :-D


    i like his accent.

    i looked at this like i was watching a movie

    i didnt learn much because the video is orchestrated to be working in every hands

    strictly for learning purposes, the video is awful

    a.k., try to put a video where 75% hands you lost , STICKING TO THE STRATEGY.

    only in those hands, where you LOSE everybody learn, your PUPILS and YOU



    that's why they play nl10 because they play 20 tables


    i laughed so hard at that one =)
  • Fagin


    Liked the video - useful explanations of expanding the SHC in LP and the blinds.
  • Mizner


    Good video anyway, but I have a question:

    AQo 0.60 raise and FOLD against the push with remaining 1.93 - hand

    According to profitable reraise chart, you shoul call, because 1.93/0.6 is between 2.5 and 4, so you call AQo and 10s .

    You did not do this, because 1)It is advanced adjustment OR 2)It is not profitable with stack over 25 BB?

    You had 25.3 BB is it theoretically profitable even with more BB stack?

    Thanks for responding
  • tankfly


    I think a useful video. Thanks very much
  • THeGaME23


    Very nice
  • Zervin311


    I shut it down after the first hand. 4x raise from the small blind, come on.. 3x or all in.
  • dingdeng


    good oral~
  • zorgar


    Im not exactly sure whether ive got to answer in english or german. Ill try it in english . Uve mentioned that its sometimes good to slighty change ur play compared to the shc. Uve raised A9 (s or o ) from small blind if i remember this right. U had no information besides the stacksize of the bb. My question is down to which cards i can do this move with same information/situations?

  • zorgar


    Well besides that i think thats a great addition to the german video section. Keep up the good work.
  • slnpiranha


    very guut :)
  • majordoomus


    Nice video right 1st hand not played by SSS! :D
  • majordoomus


    It isnt pure SSS, its mixed strategy, so it suht not be coaching video!
  • xKARMAx


    Ich muss sagen, dass ich dieses Video für eins der besten zum Thema SSS halte, die ich mir hier angesehen habe! Er erklärt alles so im Detail, was sehr verständlich für Neueinsteiger ist. Die anderen Videos, die hier im Video Bereich angeboten werden beinhalten zu viel PokerLatein und sind oftmals nicht so verständlich...
  • Krzych113


    great video
  • domnuasu


    Very very good video thank you man.I like you're explanations.
  • Gordonz


    Good video. Thank You.
  • painback


    provic are you serious

    this english is fine. and btw its not oxford english. so keep your silly comments to yourself and focus on the strategy and not the accent he has
  • infected177


    I love to watch those videos :X
    Something new to learn from every video.
  • metafizic


    I relly like this guys style. Good work and good voice.Keep up the good work.
  • Greedyfly


    This has answered so many questions. The strategy, as good as it is, has been giving me little to no action sometimes going on runs where the blinds hurt more than the few I steal. This looser interpretation sits far easier with me, focusing far more on position. Thanks so much
  • iSuckedOut1337


    sehr gutes Video. aber ich denke dass die reads die ich bei 4 oder 6 tables bekommen in diesem fall nicht so wichtig sind, wenn ich doch weitesgehend starke ranges spiele und dann noch die leaks der gegner auf den Limits durch verschiedene coachings kenne.

    trotzdem THX 2 AK
  • nicu58


  • sojowyjarz


  • lordwawasky


  • SirPaulius


    is this even usefull ?