TwiceT´s Leakfinder - Part I

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FullTilt series TwiceT´s Leakfinder User Session Review

Comments (36)

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  • BoyRobot777


    lol :) my countrymate :D wtf? -_-
  • MathhNes


    The AQ hand at 32 mins he didnt cbet the flop so their range on turn is very wide. He is completely underrepresenting his hand and i think there is a good chance that the fish can have any ace there. I would not fold there, but i just play NL25 SH
  • MathhNes


    But very nice video! This is probably the most learnfull video i have seen because i can identify something in my own game that i can change. Thank you TwiceT you're the best :).
  • Becks777


    Nice Vid. Good explanations.
    AQ Hand: Ingame i mostly always end up calling, but ur explanation pretty much makes sense. The minraise from the fish is an Ace or boat to 95 % imo. The overcall from CO is a bit scary too. Guess it depends on how often the fish is pushing a worse ace.
  • thebigheizung85


    great video! I like the playing style of the student and of course the explanations and suggestions from the coach and with sounding a bit gay i say: TwiceT has one of the best voices of all coaches (i heard so far) :-D
  • CBFunk


    intro added, cause TwiceT like´s to move it:)
  • Tirris


    nice intro ^^
  • TwiceT


    epic intro! ty kyle! (bow)
  • Ash05


    nice intro sir, wont watch the video though :D

    but i want you to rock these dance moves next time in the club ;)

    move it like a pro
  • raek123


    JJ bottom right ~35 mins

    I usually check back that flop to get two streets of value from a T or a PP. If villains tight and folding like 65% to contibets I'd bet just to bet/fold the flop and not to valuetown myself against AJ/AQ.

    What factors make you either check back or bet the flop? I mean, at your stakes it's also a question of balancing your plays, but that's not important for NL50/100 imo. Or would you recommend checking back only if villain is pretty aggressive and likely to barrel with a T or a PP? I mean, beting the flop, checking the turn and calling a non-potsize riverbet might be perfectly applicable at any time.

    Bla, I'm a lil confused right know but I think you get what I'm going for.
  • raek123


    Min 44 we river a straight and villains c/c with TP

    What line would you take? I like c/c there because we've been quite aggro and might bluff at it or, more often, valuebet QT/QJ/QK. However, our range should look quite polarized here because a draw that hit or twopair is definitelys part of our range.

    Is bet/folding (maybe blockbeting) an option?
  • raek123


    Another thing I had in mind:

    Hero 3bets OOP 3x - I always go for 3,5 - 4x to make up for my positional deficit. Is it +eV in your opinion to 3bet OOP small when you bluff3bet a lot or to get calls in that spot when you have the nuts?
  • TwiceT


    i like to move it move it :D

    thnx kyle for the great intro!
  • acolight


    This is good.
  • Libertines


    hab zwar im moment nicht den goldstatus, kann aber nur sagen, dass ich von den twicet videos bisher am meisten profitiert habe.

  • IronPumper


    First of all, imo great series + horny intro^^
    Also the user played very well.

    Here some input:

    Min. 13: (K8o):

    make the 3bet OOP bigger next time -> you will get too many calls here.

    Min 28 (AQ):
    tbh, I don`t hate his check on the flop b/c
    1.) we have the board pretty crushed
    2.) and I would not assume like you that the Co will float a wide range 3-way with the ish behind him
    3.) when you check here, the Co will quite often make a kind of induced positionbet.

    Here I would have a question:
    What is better if w check and Co would have bet here + the fish would have folded -> C/R or C/C?
    B/c regars to C/R you could type in the chat that you have an Ace....

    edit: Sry, now I know that you overlooked the MP-player^^

    to the riverplay:
    I also would not believe that even a random fish would play here worse Trips in this way for Value -> so a fold sounds good to me here, tbh.

    Min. 56 - end:

    Very valuable idea to make a sum with advices at the end!;)
  • trickstyle24


    very nice video, good job TwiceT!
  • mcmighty


    very interesting, looking forward to watch the next episode.
  • spl4t


    intro is the awesomeness
  • Pokerfu


    great video. I like the intro and the feedbackpart was very nice
  • Naems


    dont call 76s 3handed oop? Oo
  • iplayallin


    very nice analysis and format
  • paIIe


    My most favourite video format. you learn so much more out of a leakfinder video than from a session review or live vid from a coach.
    I also liked the feedback part very much.

    Thx for that and keep up these nice videos
  • maphacks


    the A8o hand on beginning. allthough hes a fish im sure he will not often call 3barells with a worse ace than heros. so why not just cb on the turn and induce a bluff. in this way we lose less against better hands..
  • TwiceT


    at 5. checking back dry a high flop tells him a bit too much that u have semi strong 1pair sd value like QT or JJ cuy ppl usually always cbet air on a high boards. by cbetting u keep your range way wider, thus leading to more aggr. plays from your opp. and more mistakes.
    vs real fish who have no idea what your checking back as pfa on a high dry flop means u can check back KK and extract more value that way. but as standard, i prefer the line hero took in this video.

    at 6. villain should have bet turn bigger. on river i guess arguments can be found for b/f or c/c. its close, c/f also is an option. it all comes down to reads. vs us in this video, i like c/c the most i guess coy 89 and fd is busted.
    i also 3bet 3.5x oop cuy oop sucks and we want to diminish our opp. pos. advantage.
  • ALmightyAL


    Very good video! That K2 hand was interesting because I often play that kind of hands wrong way.
  • TexasTommy


    Nice nice nice,

    intro is super groovie and is just really only made for TwiceT :)

    The format is really interresting, because now you can really see some spots that are played well or played very badly and can make some comments or explainations to the play.

    The AQ hand:

    I would ever ever call the river here. I didnt expect any of both to have a full house here very often, because the most Hand that are played by the fish in l/c mode preflop are A2-A8 here sometimes A9/AT and never AJ+ or 99+. I think he would raise these hands preflop.

    The guy behind us many times has hands like AJ/AQ, KQ/QJ or 22 - KK so only TT/99 made a boat. Even if he has 33 and rivered us I suspect him to fold because 2 players are all in that defently can have a full and now he has an underfull
  • dan4ez


    Good video) thx) want more))
  • Van4ess


    Nice1 Twice, write more!
  • 072956


    I would snap call the river on the AQo hand, with the trips, but thats the robot inside me. When you analyzed the hand I thought better and agreed with the fold. If the MP were a regular, it was an easy fold.
  • ESilva


    OMG! How could u say that u would probably fold that A8s on the BU as well!? U r TwiceT, u never fold suited ace on the BU =P
  • PaulDusel


    The AQ Hand:

    Against those players it's a no-brainer call for me. If people limp/call their range consists of weak Aces a huge portion of the time. When he minraises the turn he's telling us he's got an ace BUT where ahead against most aces (AK being extrmely unlikely). For a player playing 50/15 Trips Aces is NUTZ and he's not thinking about a kicker issue. The CO is of some concern though. He might have a boat. But as u mentioned, most of his range will be Draws which all have missed on the river.
    Honestly my favorite play her would be to get it in on the turn. On higher stakes this would be overplayed, but here I wouldn't be surprised to see the CO overcalling with a draw, giving us a nice chance to triple up. By letting him in cheaply we're not forcing him to make a mistake which he'll often make (with draws) I'd assume.
  • wHizard82


    very interesting video and brilliant feedback!
  • Kolven


    Thx TwiceT for this video section, i like format a lot and im waiting for the next videos. Also your English is verry well. The feedback Part is a verry good idea.
  • playslayer


    nice video :D
  • donjunior


    i sign #32

    the CO would 3bet TT most of the time against us,99 is possible but unlikely..
    much more likely is the ton of draws on the turn and he is getting the implied odds IP against probably two players. now that the fish minraises he even more got the implied odds to call there..i mean calling 9$ in a 60$ pot is a snap.
    the line ch,c/mr from the fish is strange for a weak ace, but mentioned: in fishheads trips are da nuuuuuuuutzzzzzz,so call imo.