Dont touch my stats by AnnaKurnikowa - Part 1/3

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In this series, AnnaKurnikowa shows you how to play SSS without stats up to NL100. In the first part, he shows you the basics of playing without stats on NL10.


Dont touch my stats Mansion Poker series Theory Video

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  • remy31337


    nice video, interesting topic ;)
  • BigAndy


    this is listed as BSS. can you change that to SSS.
  • DANTE0071


    жаль не на русском, а так ник автора видео улыбнуло, фанат наверно)))))
  • Slavlk


    Видео британское, а 2 поста к нему русские. Вот она сила тенниса!
  • Carambol80


    блин я правильно понял что тренер тут убеждает что играть со статами - отстой? :)
  • benjamin0711


  • andybandy008


    i like
  • AnnaKurnikowa


    Hello guys =),

    unfortunately I don't understand the russian language, so...if you want to tell me something or ask anything - do it in english and I'll answer it.

    Best regards,
  • undersun8


  • yuzishe


  • yuzishe


    Тут ваще одни русские. Бедный тренер =)
  • lpoker64


    gw AK
  • vasisualyi


    если тренер Курвенькая,то пусть русский учит
  • EvaPoker


    who cares about playing without stats, since stats are way more +EV ?
  • Kartoffan


    but stats take us vision to
    structure opponenents
    as structure of battlefield.
  • AnnaKurnikowa


    #5 - actually you don't have to ;-)

    who cares about eating vegetables if you have meat?
  • abcollins


    nice nice, good topic, love it. and love ur voice again, better than last time ;)
  • ZuricOff


    Ребята подскажите , а что за покер-рум на видео с черным фоном??
  • Keule100021


    good video. its nice to see how you collect reads from every hand. You could probably write a book about a player after playing 5k hands against him. How do you organsize your reads to keep them illustrative?
  • AnnaKurnikowa



    ye ye :p noticed that by myself. In video 2 I still pronounce it "variiiiance" but in video 3 it's gonna be "vaaaariance" ;-)


    actually after some time I really do have a couple of reads and of course the number of reads is just flooding you :P so you have to determine which reads are gonna be profitable and which are just existing but do not help you to win a bunch of money =)
  • AnnaKurnikowa


    #10 was #9 :-P
  • SAlex85


    to #11
    Mansion Poker.
    Там же видно в окне...
  • 0WWW0


    AnnaKurnikowa, it's time to learn russian Удачи! :)
  • AnnaKurnikowa


    #13 - actually....due to the fact I get that much feedback from the russian could be right ;)
  • reducelv


    nice analysis
  • n3os


  • zombieautopilot


    одни русские =) lol
  • pokermasha


    По поиску DoN вышла на ССС )
  • Lakeee


    Very nice! keep it up!
  • Azarelz


    I'm sorry, but why is that german guy talking like he has a thumb up his ass ?
    It's very hard to listen to someone who speaks like that.
  • lincristian


    can not see the video , not playing the video please check!!!
  • dchcxh


  • Koshburger


    Because english wouldn't have been his first language...
  • Parasites


    I don't have any difficulties in understanding what he says.
    If you have any observations, why not use a more elegant phrase w/o "ass" in it...? A little more respect for those who try to un-donk us.
    Good luck!
  • AnnaKurnikowa


    #3 - guess I don't want to reply to that =) Just that you know I did read this comment and noticed it.
  • MancaMulas


    first of all, thank you for this video AK! I would like to say a couple of things. first, I have noted that you don't stick to the SHC at all (open raise with 66 on the SB, you made blind defense with A9...). And just wanted to say that this notes can really help us and the hold'em manager has no way of grabbing them, but of course no one plays only one table!! you cannot get this reads playing, for example, 4 tables! and probably some of your opponents you will only meet them on that table, and maybe don't play against them anymore.
  • transGLUKator


    nice sereies, AK
  • slnpiranha


    ak clearly speaks as glass, nice vid
  • MattCoz


    Azarelz is there any need for that comment ? I like his voice anyways :D

    Grate vid.
  • jrc4ever


    besides your wannabe-slang
  • jrc4ever


    besides your wannabe-slang
  • jrc4ever


    besides your wannabe-slang and pronunciation, interesting topic!
    wee-pee-eiii-pee :-)
    "he was stealth?" ;-)
  • robpettitt


    Yeh good vid, wish my German (?) was as good as his English.
  • Teyiebuns


    If I win 4BB/100 at NL10 this means I win $0.40? On forums they sometimes say "BB/100" means double the big bline, so 4BB/100 would be $0.80. Could anyone clear this up for me? What the hell is a "big bet" is it the same thing as big blind?!

    Thanks :D
  • Teyiebuns


    P.S. I think this video is amazing and you're super cool AK :-D

    I want to get Silver now so I can watch Part 2!!
  • CBFunk




    4BB/100 at NL10 means $0.80
  • Teyiebuns



    Thank you Clemens! This solves this mystery for me, I like the way you use "BB" and "bb" so I can understand the difference!

    I just watched this video again and loved it! I think the written articles are fantastic, but the videos offer an amazing extra perspective on things. I have played 5000+ hands am just under -3BB/100.

    Watching these videos is the only thing that gives me motivation to continue to hope I will become positive soon, and also, my January stats are better than my December ones so it's looking up, hopefully February will be positive!
  • navigator75


    Thanks AK. Very informative and I enjoyed your teaching style, with good explantions for the slides + the hands. Looking forward to more.
  • g0o95


    очень доходчево обьясняет! Молодец! Респект и Уважуха!
  • partywin


    Cool video! Nice analysis.
    Thanks to AK
  • marouanehasbi


    Ty AK, i feel more and more comfortable with my poker every time i listen and take note with Poker Strategy's videos!
    Ty for all this work!
  • Querelle


    Thank you AK, it was useful fo me. I'm using stats to read my opponents, and I don't think I'l stop to use them, but you give me new vision on stats. I really didn't think about many tings, that you are talking.
    I think now, I reduce quantity of tables I'm playing, and concentrate on improving my game, paying attention to a situation, not only stats. Because I have many situasions, like small quantity of hands for the opps.,and intuitive decisions, based on supervion over opps. And I hope my decisions will become less intuitive and more analytical.
  • Sinnology


    THx for this one.
    In the begining it was bit boring, but when you began to actually play it was very fun.
    Will watch the second one right away.

  • Evante


    what is BB/100 what kind of stats is that?
  • Holdemfreakie


    nice video mate :p love your "story" voice
  • Wolke678


    Great video AK. I appreciate your willingness to explain what you are doing on the tables. I have a question, as a novice I am not sure how to even use the stats programs in my play. Could you give me some guidance here? I play one table at a time and use my own reads to make the plays. I see by your video that I need to work on that though. I am seeing that other players are making notes on me and are figuring out how to take advantage of my weaker plays. I appreciate this video for its simplicity.