Parallel Lines - Part 1

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In the first part of his series "Parallel Lines" somnius talks about 3-betting concepts. He talks about postflop situations out of position and bet sizing in 3-bet pots.


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  • Konti23


    Viel Spaß mit den Video!
  • Luam


  • Bone1984


    @2: Fail

    schade kann nur 4mins schauen...
  • Luam


    nice vid...looking for the next part;)

    but there are 2 more questions I got...

    what is if the flop comes down 8h9hJs for example?!on such a wet board you giving way to good odds... you always bet higher then?!

    and the other questions is:
    say villain calls TT and the board comes 445...
    is it not very easy for villian to exploit....because you bet so small he could easily put a little raise in for information and it`s though for you to continue without a hit?!

  • lausbua


    nice video intro
  • nmnmnm


    very sweet beginning of the series. keep up your good work somnius.
  • mochentes


    best intro so far, cant wait to get diamond to absorb that nice content. :)
  • stylus20


    great vid. definatly gonna try this betting pattern. may play in 3bet pots i just way too much fit or b/f, i guess.
  • DifferentPlaces


    Перевод будет?
  • fishwonderbra

    #10 plz translate
  • Somnius


    #4 Luam:

    1 - the wetter the board the more you'd want to bet yes. Generally more of a drier board concept this.

    2 - If villain is going to be making plays like that you'll have to alter your betting pattern a bit. Also not that bad to still make the same play then call the raise. Most likely, he will seldom bet again on the turn, and by the river you might hit or be presented with nice bluffing opportunities, at which point he will most likely think you are not bluffing enough for him to call etc. So there are options, but generally, of course, if an opponent is likely to try to exploit this line and you are bluffing, be less likely to take it or re-adjust like the way I mentioned above. In the next part I show some opponent attempts at exploiting this play. Very important here, is keeping up with what your opponents think of and will do against this line before you begin.
  • Luam


    Thanks for the answer... Think this series becomes very nice. Keep up the good work!
  • javsanmi


    Very nice video!
  • Jhdan


    +1 за перевод


    хочу Диамант :)
  • BorisL


    Да, перевод будет.
  • sebmanx


    Hey there Somnius,

    In the Video you have stated that in example 2(Q99,T,J) you might bet the turn bigger, in case you would hold AQ, depending what you think of your opponents range. What is it you think of his range?

    I think that on the turn he is going to continue with a Q, JJ, TT, 9x, AK and maybe AJ; however the only hands that are going to make up their mind based on your bet sizing are going to be AK and AJ. Also, most of these hands will fold to a river shove if unimproved. Given those assumptions it is absolutely key to bet the turn bigger.

    Furthermore I would like to ask you how you would play on the river if you would have elected to bet the turn the same size with AQ?
    I think I would have to check/fold.

    Good Video so far.
  • sebmanx


    Just fnished...

    I liked the way the Video started out; however, I didn't see a point in the last hand. You said it yourself in the Video. You were not sure whether this is a bluff or a value hand. I think you didn't remember because you had no significant concept linked to it in your mind.

    Overall I liked the Video,

    Thank You Somnius
  • fun101rockets


    very interesting
  • Somnius


    I agree with your assessment of his range. Also agree that if we had AQ, we should be betting bigger on the turn, and then yes c/f that river. Which we would be doing with all non-nuttish hands. This texture isn't the greatest for a triple barrel bluff here. The hand was meant more as an example of going for value yet still betting consistently small.
  • fun101rockets


    i wish u had shown a hand where "raptor betting" did not work
  • Somnius


    Episode 2 digs deeper and shows a greater variety of examples.
  • fun101rockets


    i think u made a mistake when looking at 3bets in a vacum. u make 4.5bb when u 3bet a 3bb bet b/c u get the 3bb original bet and the sb and bb.
  • mbml


    nice video, but I would like more explanation on the metagame with each opponent.
  • Somnius


    4 - We are looking at this from the perspective of the player who is facing the 3bets and then 4bets. You're right in that the 3betters profit is >9, however here it's just meant to portray that the 3better gained 9 from the PFR, which the PFR then regained + profit with the 4bet. We're not concerned with how much the 3better is making in general, but how much the 3better was gaining from the PFR and how the 4bet alters this.
  • JohnPhoenix


    Good Vid, good Explanations, i liked it very much. Thx for that.
  • eviljaapje


    I guess it's no coincidence that they're all paired boards?
  • Shevtshenko


    At 14:30 when you are talking about the success of 3-betting vs. villain 4-betting hero and forcing hero to fold, you didn't seem to notice the effect of "dead money" in the pot. Even if you are always 3-betting BU's open raise from BB you'll be winning, since you are winning 4,5bb each time your 3-bet succeeded and you'll only lose 9,5bb on the 4th time villain 4-bets forcing you to fold. Nevertheless, it's definately good to point out that there's no real reason to play a huge amount of 3-betted pots since it's no way as profitable as it may seem at first. At least when villains have a bit of a clue what they (or you) are doing.
  • Titangizmo


    Basic video? I loved it. +EV but not yet in my stakes ;-)
  • AceGaylord


    pffff -dry
  • NoEmoti0n


    да, начал смотреть и поймал себя на мысли что не отказался бы от субтитров, хотя бы на английском. Очень тяжко разбирать когда он начинает слова глотать )
  • Rado221


    Very helpful video,thank you.
  • Terminatorchief


    the video isn´t working
  • CBFunk



    works for me. If you have problems with our videos, checkout this thread:
  • Endurx


    zajebisty film wieżę że bardzo mi pomoże w radzeniu sobie z regami bo na fisha to jest linia która niema sensu :)
  • spinitup


    Never heard of Raptor betting before watching this video. Gotta say its revolutionary stuff.
  • K1llingKing


    Na,ob das auf NL10 viel Sinn ergibt ...
  • Pandorum23


    Хора като мен, които играят NL5, трябва да забравят, 4е са гледали това видео нали? :D
  • bouchapipe


    by betting bigger otf, turn, don't you have like more foldequity on the flop and turn? i understand the reasoning by betting small that you have a lot more foldequity on the river. But you always have to put in all your chips if you are bluffing at the river, in this way the opponent has much more chance to make a hand. not? isnt it like a total gamble to put all your money in at the river without knowing if he has the nuts or nut, cause he can easly slowplay, not? or would they raise you sooner because they want all the money in with their nuts???
  • Zellozin


    nice ty