NL $200 SH Tutorial Video on Floating - Part II

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • Shorthanded
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In this special tutorial video on floating, TwiceT discusses when and how to integrate floats into your game.


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  • knurrhahn007


    wir Wiener are die best!
  • krip2n


    перевод бы
  • luvmeluvme


    you mean, guys from vienna die very good?

    you guys from austria are very strange people
  • EricCurtman


    TwiceT best Intro ever!
  • FlyingSheep


    wien wien scheiss auf wien!
  • FlyingSheep


  • gosu1


    красавец, очень очень качественный анализ. 4 минуты конечно недостаточно на такое отличное видео
  • gosu1


    как переводится флоатинг?
  • Renegaade


    nichts gegen wiener :)
  • bloodmoon667


    #3 lol
  • Eivissa


    Hi, nice vidéo, i was waiting for the second part. i'd like to know, in wich limit you think that floating a lot start to be profitable ? i mean, i'm playing NL10/25, do you think that floating a lot can be good in thoses limites ?

    Thanks TwiceT.
  • IronPumper


    Min. 6 (AJ):
    Independent of the bad result here, I take in such spot vs. a solid REG very ofen the C, even with air b/c he has imo no air in his range if he chacks the ace -> his range is here weak madehands (like 2ndpair) and sometiems even strogmadehands -> a CB on turn is imo vs. such an assumed range better than a bet.

    Min. 30 (AT):

    One semiofftopic question:

    Imagine if you would be Villainhere and would have on the flop AdJd facing a Cbet in Co vs. bu.
    What has in your opinion a higher EV longterm vs an aggr. solid REG?
    raise/get it in on the flop or only call flop?

    I can see regards both plays some merrit

    a.) Raise flop:
    Imagebuilding, with 45% EQ vs. a reasonable brokerange a very good Eq, FEQ vs. some better hands...

    b.) call flop:
    We already have a very good EQ and so we could just call b/c of our Poteq,
    we would have good Implieds by hitting an ace on the turn (Villain would 2ndbarell it a lot),
    if we improve, we would be able to axtract quite well value IP...

    What you think about this?
  • spl4t


  • Libertines


    bitte mehr videos mit wiener schmäh!
  • maupa


    wtf...what is this crazy lasergun pew pew in the background?
  • maphacks


    aj min6: if hes a reg he knows that once he checked the ace on the turn u might bet very often also with air. so there a three possible scenarios.
    1) he has air and is just giving up because he knows that u know the ace is a very good barrelling card and u might raise it. so its better to cb and let him improve
    2) he has a semi strong hand an plays c/c on the turn and c/f on the river, alltough this is not very likely because u said have a new nickname and he cant know u so well so he might rather even bet the turn and hope for a free sd.
    3) he has a monster and knows u will barrell the ace very often.
    or what would u do if u have air? u bet also..
    in all scenarios checking is better i think
  • yomatiyo


    Twice come here and answer!
  • jozata


    About the AJ hand,although I agree with #16,the problem is that if we dont value bet in such spots but only bluff bet,then villain can pick up on this patern and bluff c/r all our floats.So for the sake of balance imao we have to also place value bets on the turn after flop floats.