TwiceT´s Leakfinder - Part 2

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $100
  • Shorthanded
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TwiceT reviews Fongie's play, a coach in the Swedish community.


series Session Review TwiceT´s Leakfinder

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  • Libertines


    bitte mehr von dem mann!

    und mehr videos mit wiener schmäh.
  • icanhazit


    #1: #2 !
  • dmars


    Love it PLZ more and release faster.. i mean he talks about new years eve party and its the 29 of january
  • dmars


    KJ hand...

    wenn er den river pusht hast du noch 37 BB....und deine straight ist nicht so offensichtlich..

    glaube nicht das man es folden sollte?
  • Reishaufen


    bist du estiemer?
  • markydave


    well done, hands were not explained too extensive;length of video is ideal. I enjoyed every minute.
  • mbml


    88c on AKQ monotone board: I guess checking back makes more sense vs a fish since he would be very likely to check down his air and you get to win the showdown very often.

    But what if you are against an aggressive regular? What is the plan? Call once/call twice

    Wouldn't making him fold his equity share on the flop make things easier in this case since the flop smashes your range and your fold equity is super high?
  • AceOnRiver


    hm u talk about how to play vs smallstacker in the beginning, but there are non left on ftp ^^
  • MathhNes


    Realy learnfull, i like the length aswell as your detailed hand analysis. I want more :)
  • TwiceT


    thnx for feedback. es kommen noch einige vids für diese engl. serie und es startet jetzt auch bald das gleiche in deutsch. bitte auch um feedback wenn part I der deutschen serie released wird, bin mir nicht sicher, ob ich nicht vielleicht teilweise zu viel über einzelne hände rede.

    @ 4: welche min?

    @ 5: wer/was is das? ein nickname? nein, bin ich nicht.
  • TwiceT


    @ 1: which minute? but, as always, it depends on so many factors. ofc, a bet w/ 88 on AKQ cant be for value and u wont often bluff better hands. probably just 99. but picking up the pot itself is great even if u know u dont get better hands to fold and no worse hands to call. also u get their eq-share to fold if they have T9, 97s bd fd,

    vs aggr. reg: well, it depends what type of aggr. reg he is. vs sum delayed cbetting on these boards is great, vs some 2 barreling is great. vs some bet/min3bet flop is great.
    there is no overall answer

    @ 2: true, but on other sites they are still alive ;)

    @ 3: ty (bow). u will get more, dont worry
  • mochentes


    10 minuten gesehen
  • mochentes


    sorry ;)
  • AceOnRiver


    Die AQ hand, 16bb ist doch ne ziemlich große 3bet ?
  • AceOnRiver


    achman fail ich muss ma zuende schauen bevor ich comments mach du hast es 5 min später gemerkt ^^
  • Becks777


    Find die längeren Ausführungen gut. Besser als über das Vid zu huschen und nur kurz Themen anreißen. Vorallem alternative Spielweisen find ich gut oder "was wäre wenn" Szenarien sind hilfreich.
  • IronPumper



    Imo great series - solid vid, thx;)
    I aslo liked your deeper analyes of every single hand

    some Feedback:

    Min. 7: (T6s): Isn`t here an Isoraise bad b/c of his small stacksize?
    I mean vs. Shortys you imo need hands with good Eq. + with more TP-Value.

    Min. 9 (KQo):
    I agree that you can play here vs. an opponent with a high Cbet-stat R/Broke with about 25% EQ vs. a realistic brokerange + FEQ.
    But if Villan has a small Cbet-stat - > that means his Cbetrange has to be imo very strong on this boardtexture -> so less FEQ now and imo also on later streets.
    Why you advocated here floating?

    Min. 43 (ATs): On the other side, when you open here bigger, so the BigB would have the possibility to win more by light3betting.
  • TwiceT


    @ min 7: if he l/f or c/f enough flops, u can iso any2. if he is a sd monkey, we need highcard value

    @ min 9: i assume ppl dont play too well in 3bet pots on nl100. and since many scary cards could hit the turn + we have some outs i like floating more than raising his cbet. also, by floating we get to fold KT, AT, K9s and stuff that probably just ship if we raise the flop.
    if his cbet stat in 3bet pots is low, then ofc we have to adapt. but we need a big sample to know that.

    @ 43: sure, but he also risks more + our perceived range might be stronger/tighter when we open bigger pre.
  • IronPumper


    all right - thank you very much for your answers^^
  • wHizard82


    nice video again. make a 2nd one out of the material you got. want to see more and even more difficult situations! :) your explanations are good and not too long!
  • Kolven


    wieder mal ein richtig feines video, die leakfinder serie gefällt mir sehr gut, besonders die feedback sanktion am ende, warte schon auf die nächsten...
  • 098799


    Great, I like your series a lot. In fact you don't really need to stop after an hour. Obviously if you just feel tired or don't want to invest too much time into teching it's fine, but certainly the more the better. Viewers may always stop the video and watch it once again later.
  • CryingAce


    If it'z 60 or 80 min. doesn t make a difference, but 120 min + it will ...

    Nice Vid !!
  • yomatiyo


    Just amazing explanations... I dont auto fold EVER, neader mulotitabling.. Also cause I THINK it increases my bluff equity in futuer.
    Love this series!
  • bonecore


    i dont get why u say open 3.5x SB vs BB

    what is the plan postflop for him...
    for this u have to chose strong hands.. with postflop expectation

    so he should increase SB vs BB raise amd make it 3.5x ?