Mind the Gap - Part 1

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $200 - $1000
  • Shorthanded
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In the first part of his series Siete777 talks about image building, adaptation, 3-bet bluffs and the non-4bet-theory.


3bet mind the gap PokerStars series Theory Video

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  • adimann007


  • IgorFloxny


    nice intro
  • javsanmi


    hay un error no? es la 1º parte en ingles y estamos esperando la 2º es castellano ^^
  • dangeranita


    Es para comprobar si ed traducía bien al castellano :p
  • terzaga


    uff si si que pesaitos con el mind the gap... between the train and the platform
  • vhallee


    Great video Siete! :)
    Looking forward to next part ^^
  • Wolandooo


    Great video! Good job.
  • Wolandooo


    What is the music from the beginning? :)
  • OnkelHotte


    cmon guys, there must be questions or feedback:-)
  • MaikelMF


    "cmon guys, there must be questions or feedback:-)"

    its nice ... i like ^^

    enough? no, its really cool ... know it from the german com. and its very nice...
  • DarkNeo1


    The music is the annoying whistling tune from Kill Bill vol.1.Don't know whats its called though.
    Nice Vid btw :)
  • Sentel


    Хоть всё и понятно, но перевод бы не помешал. В некоторых местах не успеваешь за автором.
  • LtoC


    It's also been in a pretty old renault ad.
  • 2plus2is4


    why is the vid much longer than the german?;)
  • sebalpda


    Que placer escuchar a siete hablando un idioma que SI domina. Jjajajajaja, es un chiste no se me enoje entrenador :)
  • jubigti


    1++++ super gutes video 3> siete ;-)
  • weizinho9


    inhaltlich stark,
    sound viel besser als das deutsche äquivalent,
    gutes englisch*g*

    alles in allem: Respekt! thx:)

    schade dass ich nur die ersten beiden teile anschauen kann.
  • hansbans


    it's called twisted nerve .. :)
  • Fox128


    There is only a little miscalculation with the 5Bet bluffs imo:

    OOP: OR 3BB, 3Bet 13BB, 4Bet 23BB --> 39BB
    IP: OR 3BB, 3Bet 13BB, 4Bet 23BB --> 37BB


    You assume that the OR is a different person than the 4Better here?! Doesn't make a lot of sense.
    You gotta subtract the 3bb, as the 4bet now completely replaces it. Or did you mean a 4Bet to ~26bb?

    However, I gotta say overall this was excellent content, thank you!
  • mude


    U talk really really fast
  • z1pz0r


    TKo hand river bet is IMO way too strong, wouldn't 1/4 potsize be better?
  • Flopper8


    Liked this video.
  • figeljfigelj


    Great video!
  • themagpiespg


    Wow your ideas and plays are excellent, I have just tried some of them out and terrorize a couple of tables look forwards to more of your videos just keep em coming.

    The 4bet bluff with small pocket pair works a treat when you have a very tight table image, normally I would just call open raise with them and set mine and fold to 3 bets but if you open raise and get 3 bet the 4bet does make a lot of player fold to you.
  • uros19


    i can't watch it because of system error?
  • lololaf


    music the city of prague philharmonic orchestra : The whistle song " from kill bill "
  • lololaf


    music : Bernard Herrmann- Twisted Nerve
  • ConteCaly


    very beautiful video... ty... i've just see it and now i'm going to study all your series.
    really a great job