Parallel Lines - Part 4

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In part four of his series Parallel Lines somnius talks about Donkbetting: What is a donkbet, why to donkbet, when to donkbet and against who you should donkbet.


donkbet Parallel Lines series Theory Video

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  • kammikammerl


    Have fun with another part of the parallel lines by Somnius!
  • Addicted2Aces


  • BrunoPheliipe


    seria interessante colocar uma legenda nos livros estrangeiros... sei que vc ja devem ter pensado nisso creio que seria mais uma vantagem que a pokerstrategy teria a oferecer :D
  • MrTiger


    Останавливается на 29:21.
  • MrTiger


    Внезапно всё пошло :)
  • OnkelHotte


    Hey guys, enjoy the video!

    I can not imagine that there aren't any questions?:-)
  • TheLastNail


    hey, i dont like the big R bet on 248ssA5s board (28th min) dont like polarizing your vbet range here, by bettin smaller u rep more, like str8, sets, 2 pair still.. also: the no. of bets in these spots is more intimidating that their size from my exp. If he happens to have the flush (likely) we risk less too. /?
  • TheLastNail


    to the 33min hand R: dont u like c/r? only your range can potentially be strong given F
  • TheLastNail


  • TheLastNail


    the comments are not being displayed for some weird reason
  • TheLastNail


    continuation of no.3: ..
  • TheLastNail


  • TheLastNail


  • TheLastNail


  • TheLastNail


  • TheLastNail


  • TheLastNail


  • Somnius


    Hi just noticed these comments, doesn't seem to be displaying properly but I'll field what I see.

    #2 Our donk range is pretty polarized anyway, so if we bet a a more merged range amount we not only give up value the times when we are valuetowning and he has a calling hand (if balance is important), but we should actually be less believable in theory. I mean, we don't have 2 pairs hardly ever, and if we did have a set, I wouldn't be expecting too much value because of how often he's expecting us to have the flush. If we did have a set, I'd definately bet an amount that begs a call. So then since I think this opponent is swayed by betsize, I'd rather rep confident value instead of begging for curiosity.
  • Somnius


    #3 - he's too passive