An introduction to exploitative postflop play

Learn the basics of exploitative play, this time we drill down on improving your lines postflop.

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Our low stakes coach la55i is back with another video that will help new players as well as give them a glimpse into his affordable poker coaching. 

This video is the next part of his introduction to exploitative play. After covering preflop last time he now covers postflop exploitative lines.  

If you feel you need a fine tune in this area, he covers:

  • Spots where we are quite sure what our opponent has based on tendencies
  • Auto profit lines
  • Attacking limps
  • Missed c-bets
  • Delayed c-bets

If you enjoyed this video and want to get hands on, our coach does several very affordable one-on-one packages including €20 hand reviews and a €26 starter pack, check out la55i's coaching thread for more details.

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