An introduction to exploitative preflop play

Learn the basics of autoprofit steals and more with this new theory and live poker video.

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Our low stakes coach la55i is back with another video that will help new players as well as give them a glimpse into his affordable poker coaching. 

He starts the New Year with a video introducing exploitative play preflop. He starts with the theory before hitting the NL16 Zoom tables to put it into practice. 

If you feel you need a fine tune in this area, he covers:

  • How wide should your preflop stealing ranges be?
  • Bet sizing
  • Relevant HUD stats
  • Auto profit stealing from the Button and Small Blind
  • Adjusting to player types

If you enjoyed this video and want to get hands on, our coach does several very affordable one-on-one packages including €20 hand reviews and a €26 starter pack, check out la55i's coaching thread for more details.

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