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A true grinder needs to be able to play well consistently for long periods of time, so this new video is all about developing mental endurance. coach

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Today we are back with Mindset Coach whys0serious and a new video on how to play your A-Game consistently. 

To go from an amateur to a serious grinder you have to put in the hours. Not only do you need physical endurance, you need a lot of mental endurance too, as well as being able to find a routine that helps you play your best every time. 

The more you are able to play, the sooner you'll overcome the effects of short term variance, so building your 'mind muscle' is imperative. 

In this new video you will discover:

  • The causes of low endurance
  • Circadian rhythms
  • How to increase volume
  • The importance of good rest
  • Further reading
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