Diamond Interview Series: erptech

We continue our interview series with a Diamond member from Croatia. He went to the previous Black Member Party after reaching Diamond in 10 days, and he will go to the next party as well. Read more about him right here!

He is one of the kindest members you will ever see. Seriously, it is virtually impossible to be mad at him - he's a Croatian Ghandi basically. I decided to take an interview of him right after he woke up (a Diamond interview is the best way to start a day) and while we were talking, he was also playing some PLO.

He told me that he started winning as soon as the interview started, which just goes to show how good these interviews are for your bankroll.

This interview was conducted by vhallee

Meet our Diamonds

: Mislav Erpačić
Age: 26
Location: Croatia
Game types: NL 50 SH BSS, NL 100 SH BSS

PokerStrategy.com: Hey there, erptech, and welcome to my Diamond Interview Series - it's good to have you here, man, I missed you. Let's start lightly: a short intro from you would do just fine.

erptech: Hi, my name is Mislav and I'm from Croatia. At the moment my occupation is only poker, although I do some DJ-ing occasionally. Age : 26. Relationship : Pioneer DJM700.

PokerStrategy.com: Sorry ladies, he's taken. Lemme go ahead and say it: Happy birthday dude! (that's right my few readers: he just turned 26). What are your plans for today?

erptech: Thanks dude! Well, first I'll try to wake up my roommate, since it’s only 12: 10. Then, we'll go shopping, I get to pick a Razer mouse. :P Also we need to purchase great amounts of booze, so that we can party whole weekend, and meat for barbecue as well. Also I need curtains for my room. So that’s some general plan for today...

PokerStrategy.com: When you said "shopping", my heart stopped - I was thinking about shoes. Also remember to drink until you can't tell colours. Let's go back in time to that point when you discovered poker and PokerStrategy.com - that's probably two moments, but anyway.

"Kids, PLO will eat your money"

erptech: So two pair is good in PLO, right?
TribunCaesar: Sure. PLO HU4ROLLZ?

erptech: Ah yes, I discovered PokerStrategy.com in march 2008, thanks to Tell-a-Friend and my friends’ desire to make money off of me. So yea, he made $100 and I made a bit more. This is one of the coolest things ever happened to me, although the beginning was a bit rocky (I deposited overall about $500 after losing the $50 :/ )

PokerStrategy.com: Making money off your friends/relatives – ah, it makes me feel so good that I'm living in capitalism. Regarding your game, what types and formats do you play?

erptech: Although it passed some time now, I'm still NL50 and NL100 reg now, I play SH, but when I'm exhausted I like to play SSS up to NL400, since it requires almost no thinking. I'm also experimenting with PLO100 lately, and I'm liking it.

PokerStrategy.com: Judging by your status message "Kids, PLO will eat your money" - yeah I bet you like it. Curiosity is killing me so I must find out more about your game: how many sessions do you play in a day? How long is a session? What do you do in the breaks? Why did the chicken cross the road?

erptech: Haha, well that’s from time when I first started playing Omaha, and lost a couple of stacks  by thinking that 2 pairs are good there. I’d better change it now :P Sessions per day? Well, I’d say that my whole day is one big session, with few breaks : ) Eat, sleep, poker - mostly, but when I feel tired, I just quit and go hang out with my friends and tell them about things that they absolutely don't understand nor care, like how some guy hit his gutshot on the river etc... Basically, I would say I play 6-8 hours/day. As for the ancient chicken question: If you saw me coming, you'd cross the road too!

"A secret project involving fellow PokerStrategists"

Curiosity also keeps the cat
population under control
PokerStrategy.com: Erpie, you're badass. And since you're more of a grinder (remember the "Diamond in 10 days" challenge?), what are your plans with poker? Do you plan on becoming some sort of Hellmuth and get carried around in an embarrassing Caesar costume or something?

erptech: Yes, Phil Hellmuth is my idol. How did you know? As for future, well, aside from one super secret project that I'm planning with fellow PokerStrategists TheLastNail and Sidewalker, some general plan is to win a bazillion dollars. Or at least 100k. In two years preferably, while I’m still young.

PokerStrategy.com: I hope Doyle Brunson won’t be reading this cause he’ll be rolling in his grave. Oh wait; I’ve just been informed that he’s not dead. What are you going to do with a bazillion dollars? Ever thought of that?

(Player Earp314 won $22.80 with A Straight Flush Three to Seven)

erptech: I will buy myself a nice parcel on Moon and Mars, and build myself a summer houses. Also I like music, so I’d probably invest it in some studio or I would buy one of the 3 islands that Slovenia will build.

PokerStrategy.com: You're either too modest, or you're going to make a music studio out of gold. Rappers do that, I hear. Also, you might want to invest in oxygen first - I heard there's a lot of demand for it over there.  Anyway, which professional poker players do you love/hate the most and why?

erptech: Well, there are so many that I like and very few that I dislike. In general, I only hate the overly arrogant ones, but I don't have a favourite, maybe only by personality I prefer guys like Negreanu.

About the Black Member Party

Picture unrelated
PokerStrategy.com: Too bad you don't say who exactly you hate - because, after all, that's what we all wanna hear. So tell me, what's this secret project you're planning with other PokerStrategists? Or is it all a secret?

erptech: It’s a secret.
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Secrecy or furtiveness is the practice of sharing information among a group of people, which can be as small as one person, while hiding it from all others. That which is kept hidden is known as the secret.
I can only tell that you will know everything on time, when the project is realised. It involves some group studying and game improvement ^^

PokerStrategy.com: Dammit, I thought you could give me some information... Oh well, I'll pay someone to make you confess this whole thing. Are you going to the Black Member Party, by the way? It was quite fun last time.

erptech: I certainly am! Last time it was great, I met some cool people from community and hope to see them again in Berlin... I'll probably stay there for a week this time though : )

PokerStrategy.com: A whole week? You must have some hidden plans, dammit! I'll find out sooner or later. When are we going to see another erptech blog/challenge? That Diamond challenge was quite nice!

(Player Earp314 won $16.15 with Four-of-a-Kind Jacks)

erptech: Well, I could make some challenge, in which I will make enough money for spending in Berlin, just to make it interesting. Maybe I could deposit $100 somewhere and turn it into 1k : P And yes, my plans in Berlin involve some sightseeing as well visiting Tresor.

PokerStrategy.com: Interesting. Remember to say hello to our Diamonds for me. And since there are other readers out there (at least 4) who want to reach Diamond status and eventually go to the Black Member Party: what are your advices for players starting out with poker?

erptech: Beginners should always pay attention to bankroll management. I had a poor bankroll management in the beginning and that’s why I only now reached limits that I play, in one year, while others, who had a solid BRM got there a lot faster, maybe even in 3 months.

"erptech sounds like an STD"

They see me rollin
PokerStrategy.com: I hope ihufa aka I'll take 'What is BRM?' for 500 is reading this. But let's leave poker out for now and let's switch to some other stuff. First of all, what's the story behind your nickname?

erptech: Well, erp comes from my last name, and tech I just randomly added when I was starting my own business, so  when I needed a nick when I was registering at ps.com, I just insta-chose this one. Interesting how people punish themselves with names like swissmoumout, erptech, etc. My friends say it sounds like some STD.

(Player Earp314 won $183.98 with A Flush High Card Ace)

PokerStrategy.com: Yeah, swissmoumout is such a crappy username. STD, you say? Hmm... Doctor: "I'm sorry, but you have erptech..." yep, sounds like an STD (maybe cause it sounds really close to 'herpes'? Yeah, maybe). So what do you guys do in Croatia? Whenever I think about Croatia, I remember Davor Suker. What is your country good for?

erptech: Croatia is great for partying, we play crappy soccer, only thing that we have good is our national team, because all the players are mostly in foreign clubs, so yea... we have awesome handball though. Other than that, Croatia is well known for beautiful women, great sea, unpolluted nature and thieves that rule our country. Also we have the best neighbour anyone could wish for, Slovenia, and Mirko -> CroCop!

vhallee vs erptech - StarCraft II Challenge

Spoiler alert
PokerStrategy.com: You just made that last part up – nobody wants Slovenia as neighbour. Also, didn't you just describe a general Eastern European country? Anyway, what do you do when you're not playing poker in general? Do you have any hobbies, illegal activities or something?

erptech: (c'mon dude I’m just trying to improve our relationship here) Most of my activities outside poker, the legal ones , are music related, however I wouldn't say what illegal ones are, because of obvious reasons. I know for sure next one might be owning you in StarCraft 2 when it comes out.

PokerStrategy.com: Ok, you heard the man: he is challenging me to a StarCraft 2 match. You're on, fish. I'll be done with you right after I will crush TerrorBlade, obviously (he asked to be humiliated first). Alright, well that's about it. IF you want to add anything, ask me a question, give a shout-out to anyone, or anything else, now is your chance!

erptech: I'd like to say hi to my brother who is building himself his first roll from $3.40 by playing $0.10 SNGs, and also to my friends Yuri  and Sven. Orange Techno ftw!

PokerStrategy.com: Ok, then, thanks for your time and good luck with PLO. You'll need it.

erptech: Thanks and thank you for the interview!

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